Beauty And The Beast Full'm.o.v.i.e'1991free

Hello the original video was removed by YouTube so I have to reload the video on another website the fiercest and I’m on the fragments thanks to my super powerful roar that is and guess what my dad Simha just told me something amazing I’m the new leader of the lion guard it’s the lion guards job to defend the pride.

Lands and protect the circle of what heyvi kabisa it’s a good thing I’ve got my friends to help me hang.

On everyone I’ve just returned from the grasslands there are numerous baby Genet stuck in a thorn tree heyvi kabisa if they don’t get free by sunset they’ll never find their way home to their parents you better go home oh well what are we waiting for yeah what we have to get there before sunset hey okay there’s two life-threatening health now right that was amazing let’s go Weingard and.

Butchers definitely up to no good I knew.

I could rule give me some of these guys they should produce the required effect the grasslands we’re getting close I can’t jump that I know we can make it [Applause] and butchers definitely up to no good that right nice the grasslands no genuine [Applause] we’re gonna make it what do you.

Kion he’s not supposed to be here alright the grassland no genuine thirsty user stress I got this guy on thanks for the help and vultures definitely up delighted to provide assistance and nice hey guys we’re going guard and we’re here to.

Help oh boy you really got tangled up huh great job Bunga holy fish can you.

Catch them with that key bucko don’t worry everything’s gonna be all right let’s get you home everyone liners are clinging to a fallen tree drifting down the river they.

Musta gotten come to flush one wait if they get too far downstream isn’t that Hana that’s crocodile territory let’s go Weinger not much.

Further butchers definitely up nice big Springs no Jenna wait my summer you’re fully I need to I could rule yes Big Springs not much further Oh what do you see Lopez looks dangerous go hide Oh can’t do this by myself oh hi turn my turn I know it.

All right the Express he’s not supposed to be here we’re gonna make it dusty user stress I’m hoarse with you’re the best that was amazing big Springs.

Let’s go weingartz thirsty user strict.

Go for ride amazing food and voters definitely up to no good we’re getting close.

Yes looks like we got here just in time you’re with me use those rocks oh yeah I’ve got you and you ice mark lion guard the circle of life been.

Protected again we work together nothing can stop us the canyons what’s the combo movie Oh China what he’s not.

Supposed to be here and vultures definitely up to no good amazing food we’re getting close hurry up yeah all right the canyons let’s go winder we’re getting clumps how am I gonna get through twende Kiboko and vultures definitely up to.

No good nice the canyons I don’t think that hyena wants to be friends Oh delighted to provide assistance a right yeah the canyons let’s go lion guard these guys they should produce.

The required effect I know it.

Doesn’t look too steady somebody call for the strongest and vultures definitely up to no good that was amazing the canyons I’ll take care of this for you Haruna you are the keenest of sight my turn he’s not supposed to be here I don’t think that hyena wants to be.

Friends Oh what do you see yo this my turn thanks for the tape oh no look further.

He’s not supposed to be here two wildebeests Oh No there’s too much dust down here can you see a place for us to herd them affirmative there’s.

A canyon up ahead great oh you get him going in the right direction 50 make sure they stay in the canyon the wealthy beasts are all safe besties calming them down and it looks like no one was hurt guess we.

Got here just in time great work lion guard Cunha Vitara Falls everybody come quick Betty what’s wrong there’s a mudslide at the lake over by Hakuna Matata Falls heyvi kabisa they might be trapped to the front I know it skitty there’s less danger on this path that was amazing let’s go whine guard I.

Make it Oh delighted to provide assistance thanks for the help twende Kiboko thanks Betty I don’t think that hyena wants to be threatened [Applause] Hakuna Matata Falls no gender wait how you know wants to be friends this doesn’t look.

Good Oh doing great [Applause] hakuna matata fault let’s go Weingard we’re getting close I got Thanks [Applause] and vultures definitely up to no good goli what would you do without me thanks for the help yes Coon what’s our fault let’s go weingartz the boat path looks clear kion Lorna I know it really slowed me down not much further [Applause] Hana mudslide insight kion let’s go angered it’s a good thing.

We got here when we did now all we.

Need to do is is take a bath now that’s what I like to see the Outlands lion guard let’s go we’ve got a job to do what’s up guy on something these zebras got it.

For the which means we’re gonna make it the mote path looks clear kion we’re getting close yeah the Outlands Oh China wait twende Kiboko thanks for the help what do you see less danger on this path somebody call from you’re the best Bunga not much further doesn’t look to steady and butchers definitely up to no good that was amazing the Outlands let’s go weingartz all right I.

Turn my turn that was amazing the Outlands come on he’s not supposed to be here somebody call for them [Applause] I know we can make right I don’t think that hyena wants to be friends all right Oh any sign Eunice negative Kalyan and there’s even better news I have a zebras in sight follow me don’t worry guys we’re gonna take you back to your parents okay great we’ll be back to front rocket.

Pack for dinner and most importantly we have protected circle of wood you right guys hey.

Check us out this place is kind of creepy though [Laughter] heartless I don’t know so uh I get the feeling they might live here just passin through yeah that’s.

Right don’t be silly we love you to stick around for lunch um we didn’t bring anything to eat yeah that’s not gonna be a problem gorsh the world well I think where the lunch going somewhere and that scars.

Horse timing just let him grow up we’ve got to go see what he wants sounds like he’s.

Grumpy enough already I don’t know what that was about but I’m glad it’s over everything’s harder on four legs well I failed a trick to it here let me show you are you thinking what.