How To Edit Tropical Travel Photos Like @your_passport Instagram Lightroom Tutorial Warm Edit

Yeah we’ve run so we’ve got another image sent in one from your passport so we’re gonna be trying to recreate the Edit of the image so we’re working with one of these down here and we were down this one here trying to recreate the exact edit so as you can see there obviously got a really warm tropical look.

Grades so these warm shadows there’s a lot of teals there’s a lot of oranges these are real flatness to the images and little clarity in there as well so not many shadows coming off those real warm vibrant looks so let’s Kim’s like room you.

Go give them the follow down and.

The description up or all the links down there really awesome content obviously so go.

Check them out let’s get into liar he is the raw image and he’s the edited one from their Instagram so I’m just gonna chuck up the.

Contrast there I’m going to really bring up the shadows cuz that’s what really really helps give a.

Nice bright vibrant looking image a warm and looking image I’m gonna take down the blacks I’m gonna put a lot I’m gonna bring it down a lot because I’m gonna put in a really strong fade here over in the blacks as.

You can see there but we need extra dark blacks cuz otherwise it brightens up the image of it when you add a net fade so making it a bit more darker up here then I need to be as highlights and we’ll put in quite a bit of clarity and that just adds a real crispness to the image drop the vibrance drop the set and then we’ll add in the.

Saturation so we want colors like the oranges to pop way more yellows right we wanna just greens maybe down but we’ll do the fade now before we get more into the colors and we want to yeah like I said before add in a really strong fade so I’ll do that now.

Okay so that’s the curve just bringing out those shadows a bit and yeah definitely bringing up this.

Blacks quite a bit and then keeping the mid-tones about the same not bringing them up too much not bringing up the highlights too much because I want to keep a little bit of flatness to the look so it just goes split toning and we want to add in like golden tones so we’re going to do that to the highlights about there and then quite.

Often you want to add in the opposite color into the shadows just to keep keep a bit of contrast with the colors otherwise it can look just too warm you need to balance it out so the opposite to the warm tones as the.

Cool tones and right now we can we’ll bring out the sky now before we do much else so gonna grab a filter okay I’ve got this all where you sit now and I just want to bring out the detail of the.

Clouds so I always go to D haze for this and then D haze always adds in quite a bit of saturation so we’ll drop that then we will add in some cold tones up there and then we’ll have to change the color of the blues later in the HSL but you can tell it I’ve done this over an ear image as you can see the bushes here get very very desaturated so if we deleted this I’ll show you before see.

How we keep all the greens here and then we add this in it’s a lot like the image now okay think it’s just chucking some grain all right let’s try to finish off with a cheese sell our tones are all.