How To Edit Tropical Travel Photos Like @your_passport Instagram Lightroom Tutorial Warm Edit

Pretty good the Blues definitely need shifting so they’re two of a darker blue we need a lighter blue but then it’s kind of tricky to figure out whether it’s the aquas or the blues but as you can see the aquas are only affecting the water and the blues are affecting.

The sky and the water so what I’m gonna do to figure it figure out what which should be at what is I’m just gonna match up the Blues to what the sky is because then I know that is correct and then I’m gonna go off what adjusting needs doing in the water for the.

And indie saturated I might roll with that for now aquas so I would a I think we’ll check up saturation I think we could.

Go I’m gonna broaden the blues actually as well scribe at deer do that with the aqua as well and then we obviously I’ll just do it right now do the yellows so the yellows.

Are thick the edges of everything especially if there’s trees there’s gonna be a lot of yellows on the edges of those and of people’s here and skin so gives a real pop adds a lot more of a.

Warmer feeling to images so that’s always a good one to do just keep an obvious one is these greens to green we want more.

Of a yellow to our greens and then starts get tricky so we’ve got some yellow tones it’s a bit yellow we want more of a orange but more of a gold so it’s shift the yellows over.

Towards it red and then back to the aqua so our water looks a little too blue got our sky right I’m happy with the sky so let’s shift some aquas towards the greens yeah bit more of a green turn to the water.

I think that’s more like there’s everything looks pretty good otherwise saturation you know those can come down its Bryton so there’s broaden these orange as you can see it’s a little broader back there in the buildings the.

Skin and this the Stonewall across here.

So we’ll bring up the luminance and I think the greens could be deeper those drop the greens and I’ve got green over knitting nothing else think we’re good so don’t pay too much attention to the sharpness this is a screenshot of Instagram so it’s going to.

Be lacking some Christmas and crispness and sharpness to the image so just pay real attention to the colors mainly but yeah pretty happy with that we may be looking touch to green and the water maybe and the blues maybe yeah I’m just gonna leave with you guys you guys definitely go give.

Them the followed down and description there links will be down there for you guys they got really awesome content so make sure you go check them out and yeah if you guys like these tutorials check out the presets all my favorite presets and this one pack that just has tons of value for you guys and.

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