How To Make Hair Accessories From Pantyhose | What!? What!? | Very Quality Product 2018!

What’s up everyone I’m Jamie and today I’m going to show you how I make hair accessories using an old pair of pantyhose well what if you needed this channel make sure to hit that subscribe button I do know new hair tutorials every single Monday and we do a few fun videos on Wednesdays and Fridays too but if you’re.

Ready to start let’s go okay all you need is a pair of scissors and a pair of pantyhose like.

These blue ones first thing I’m.

Going to do is I’m just going to cut one of the legs off.

Of this pair of pantyhose I’m.

Going to take this leg and turn it into a headband so I’m just going to wrap it around the top of my head bring it underneath and tie it.

Into a knot just like this tuck these ends underneath the pantyhose so that they don’t stick out and look funky and then I’m just readjusting my hair.

It kind of got messed up as I.

Was doing this so just pulling it back up and there you go it will fit you every time because pantyhose are so stretchy so cute something else you can do with this leg is I’m going to make it a headband again only this time I’m going to bring it underneath my hair and tie the knot on top you could tie a bow too if you want it to.

I’m going to take the two ends after I tie it in a knot bring it behind my head and just.

Tighten it up back here makes this a little bit tighter than the last headband I made and a little smaller too I love it okay so this time I’m going to cut off the other leg of these pantyhose.

And I am just going to cut a little chunk off just like this and we’re going to turn this chunk into a ponytail holder to put it all my hair back into a ponytail if you have dreadlocks you know how annoying it is to have a ponytail holder that only goes around your hair one or two times usually I can’t get these around.

My hair at least four times sometimes five or six times so it’s great and I’ll hold your ponytails so nice without having to worry about the elastic breaking your hairs and you could make so many out of one pair of pantyhose okay this last one I’m going to show you I’m just going to cut this elastic band right off the top of those pair of.

Right here my cut mark was a little off.

So I’m just stretching it out so that you can’t see those edges and then I’m going to put it on like a headband you could use this as a ponytail holder too so cute and easy I hope you.

Like these ideas when you have dreadlocks it’s really hard to find accessories that actually make your dreadlocks headbands that work really well also hair ties that will go around your hair more than one time and keep.

It really tight this is why I like using pantyhose for these accessories instead what you like to use let me know down in.

The comments below and make sure to give.

Me a big thumbs up and subscribe for new videos every single.

Will see you guys next week bye when you have dreadlocks you know how hard it is to find accessories that actually fit your dreadlocks ooh when you have dreadlocks it’s really hard.