Advanced Guide For Red Dead Redemption 2 Hunting | Legendary Animals, Locations And More

Fine gentlemen there’s ladies of the Wild West welcome to my advanced guide for hunting in this video I will be teaching you all sorts of tips and tricks that will make your life in the wild easier while hunting now if you still don’t know how to get the perfect pelt smite I quickly recommend my noobs guide for hunting.

In that guide I am going over how to obtain the perfect pelts what mo or arrows to use and how to figure out what gun.

To use to kill sad animal I’ll be linking that video in the description down below I recommend giving it a quick watch it’s about three minutes long and then come back to this one for all your additional information now let us begin the advanced guide for hunting so I’ll be talking about a bunch of things I’m gonna start off with obtaining special clothing items then efficient hunting bait after that hunting for meat and why it is.

A must to do and lastly hunting for legendary animals so in order to explain a few things we are starting back at the trapper you are probably interested in one of these items now to get these gorgeous items you will need to bring back certain animals skins or feathers the most asked question is where can I find a certain animal now I could go over all of these animals for I have wandered into moose and the North Gators in.

The swamp Bice’s east of Valentine but that will make this video 40 minutes long so the easiest thing to do.

Is to go over to the read that wiki I’ll link that in the description down below and.

You will find the exact location for each animal you seek there is no map that shows all the animals at once if there.

Is probably pretty much false for animal spawn all over the place animals are tied to serve the regions and biomes moose for instance spawn higher up in mountain regions and deer well basically spawn anywhere alligators in the swamp areas Bisons on the plains.

And there’s a lot of these biomes in the game so again checking out the reddit wiki is your easiest way to find the.

Exact animal you need for your.

Hunting needs I know it is tacky to do on an advance guide for hunting but it’s by far the most easiest an efficient way to track down the animal you need so at the trapper you just sell your pelts to him after you’ve done so you basically give him stock to craft you things so it’s not a loss when you sell your skins.

And the same goes for legendary pelts it is not a waste to sell them as a matter of fact you.

Need to sell all your pelts the same goes if you want to create legendary trinkets or talisman at defense for instance when you’ve killed a legendary bear you’ll obtain its belt and you’ll obtain its claw you can.

Turn that into a nice talisman over at the fence and each item you obtain by the way from the legendary animal can only be crafted into one item so there aren’t multiple choices or decisions to make with these legendary animals if you kill a legendary bear you can create a talisman and a piece of clothing after giving it to the trapper or.

The fence so don’t worry about selling it or giving it to defense for a specific item there’s only one use for the items you obtain from legendary animals now to quickly recap you use small game arrows for.