Advanced Guide For Red Dead Redemption 2 Hunting | Legendary Animals, Locations And More

Tiny critters like frogs and snakes a varmint rifle for small credits like rabbits or squirrels a repeater for medium-sized animals like moves beavers a rifle or a bowl for large.

Animals like deer and for the enormous beasts is you use a sniper rifle or a shotgun with slugs quick.

Tip number uno if you want to do all your hunting with the bow that is very much possible as well all.

Do is craft small game arrows improved arrows and poison arrows improved arrows to take down the medium-sized critters and poison arrows to take down the large ones without ruining the skin now if you want to learn more about how to craft these set arrows then definitely check out my guide on crafting now we are going to be.

Talking about efficient hunting so besides going for perfect pelts you want to maximize your profit and what.

You can carry so skin is many tiny critters as you can to fill up your satchel you can carry up to two small size credits on each side of your horse you can carry up.

To three medium-sized pelts and one.

Giant sized Pelt now if you want to bring back as many paths as you can you can drop all the trinkets and bones or whatever you obtain from the animals to have more space in your satchel this is probably not the best way to make money in the game anyway so you’ll mainly be doing this hunting for the cool clothing items.

Another question I often see is how to take down animals in the easiest wave a lot of people have actually have hunting background so they know where to aim for instance I dare you got to hit them in between the shoulder but the thing is in this game the easiest thing to do is go for head shots aim for the head with the right weapon and you’ll have a perfect pelt if you hit.

The right animal that is but more on that in my noobs guide for hunting if you’re dead I is level 3 you can also see the vital organs which result in you getting the perfect kill as well but the head is definitely the easiest to remember now you can also decide to carry animals as a whole this is a good thing to do if you want to fill up your supplies for.

Buying supplies is way easier anyway also don’t forget to bring as many herbs along that you can find Oregon oath I’m a mint are the ones you really.

Want yes I know I cannot pronounce that shit those are really helpful in the combination with big game so when you cook them you won’t run.

Out of stamina Deadeye and health course for a full day for more information on crafting and cooking and do check out my crafting guide quick tip number two another very helpful thing to do is using the cover scent lotion you won’t be spook enough animals for a pretty long time it’s a must now to quickly go over on the subject of bait.

So you can drop down her before O’Connor for bait this attracts nearby animals now if you go over all the way east to the saint-denis you’ll find a fence that sells pretty much every recipe that is unavailable in the crafting menu.

Now you’re gonna need about a thousand bucks to buy every single one of these and then you’re good to go with anything now what you’ve done this you will also have unlocked the potent herbivore or a carnivore bait this bait guarantees a bigger species of Herbie or carnivore showing up don’t place bait nearby roads for some animals have to cross the roads and end up getting scared off by passing folk bait is handy but the problem is that they don’t guarantee a perfect pelt.

Animal showing up so in fairness you are.

Better off using the read that.

Wiki to track down spawns of certain animals and proceed to hunt them that way it’s way more effective than placing down bait quick tip number 3 herbivores often spawn.

Groups you will find an animal with the perfect pelt amongst them and they’re enough every time so be on the lookout for them predators with the.

Exception of pack animals like wolves often spawn alone once you for instance found a bear though you can often find another one roaming nearby hunting for meat is a great thing to do and can set you up for your actual missions for.

A full day I would even go as far as to say that is essential to do it takes about 20 minutes of work but it is worth your effort when you’ll do so you’ll obtain big-game meat these give the best benefits for your health and course so once you do this basically get rid of all.

Your meat except for big game meat and perhaps stringing needs stringing meat is used in crafting and for fishing lers just get on your horse take down as many animals as you can and harvest their meat.

Just be on the lookout for that potential 1 3 start Pelt to take down an animal for its skin and the rest is just for meat again combining big game with Oregon Oh thigh moment and again I know I can’t pronounce that yet an enormous boost will be given to quick tip number 4 did you know that you can get the same boost from simply buying and eating a nice buffet in the saloon now it’s time for legendary animals now these can become really really really frustrating I spent a good 30 minutes on stream looking.

For the legendary moose and the problem with finding them and guides.

On how to find them is that they might not apply to your playthrough at all so I could show you something right here while the starting point of this actual quest may be in a completely different location to you this is a very annoying problem that’s already ongoing in the red that.

Two youtubers seen there’s a lot of fucking youtubers out there.

Creating shitty as rushed content getting facts all wrong and it’s getting really annoying already and we’re just at the start of it the game’s not even been out a week yet and youtubers are flying all over the.

Place like a bunch of dickheads trying to make a quick buck but however in the case of the moose from what I’ve seen.

There’s at least three spawning locations which is on the.

Island there’s one on the left-hand side of the actual spawn and one on the south side of the train track now moving on some legendary animals require you to max out your legendary hunter challenge so first of all you need to track down the legendary animal by completing three pretty much simple steps of tracking after that it spawns in for you to kill them Gilly a legendary animal is luckily very.