Advanced Guide For Red Dead Redemption 2 Hunting | Legendary Animals, Locations And More

Simple you cannot.

Screw this up you could throw a dynamite at his face set it on fire punch it to death doesn’t matter if you take a billion shots if you.

Take one shot the pelt is always pristine quality so that’s great unfortunately though after you’ve killed the legendary animal the hunt is over addy spawns and it will never be on.

The face of earth again which is a great shame to be honest if you ask me I would have loved to hunt.

Another legendary bear now for legendary fish you need a special bait which is unlocked by simply accepting a quest from a man named Jeremy.

Gill he’s all the way in the south side near Rhodes he will hand over a map showing all the legendary fish now after.

You’ve done this and accepted the quest the bait shop in the swamps just northwest of saint-denis will unlock special.

Base now these special baits or special lures are pretty much self-explanatory you’ve got three ones you’ve got one for legendary Lake fishes one for legendary swamp fish and one for legendary River fish after using the l’heure the legendary fish will be the first.

One to bite after cash thing it’s pretty much a long struggle to catch one of these but it’s very rewarding in the end and that would pretty much sum up everything there is to know about hunting in rent at redemption – we’ve covered how to obtain the best.

Belts where to find normal animals how the trapping system works how to obtain talisman trinkets using bait how to hunt legendary animals legendary fish and I think that would do.

It I hope you enjoyed my essay on hunting.

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