Ask The Expert: Carolyn Scofield Of Scofield Access Solutions

Hey there it’s Karen Totino from the Saratoga home team as part of the Miranda real estate group and I am here with Carolyn Schofield of Schofield access solutions and Carolyn and I met we’ve figured out many years certification class which is a certified aging-in-place which I’ve been doing this series of videos to bring awareness about the subject and.

I thought it would be helpful to have Carolyn talk about her business because I know a lot of people are sort of stuck with these two story homes there’s.

Not a lot of ranches in the area and so people have their masters and.

They’re their bathroom their main bathroom on the second floor so what you can leave them in a mine sometimes so people want to stay in their home how could you.

How can you help them what’s your business well I my focus is keeping people in the home I should mentioned I provide solutions such as.

Stair lifts wheelchair lifts accessible real toilets this is different for different options and home elevators okay primary focus is stair lifts because it’s the least costly and quickest turnaround time okay.

So you you get people from point A to point B upwards yes exactly okay um now I know that I’ve done you know really complicated steer runners if you have that kind of stair well it there are options for curved less.

Okay I refer to as custom lifts okay because they have to if you want to continue as chair to go from the bottom landing all the way to the end at the top managing the rail has to be custom-made okay if you have a landing in the middle and.

You have the ability to safely get off onto that landing and.

Onto another chair you can actually do two straight lift which is significantly less costly okay um and it’s a quicker turnaround time so those are two different options that you can do if you’re a wheelchair in your stairs or why enough you can also do a incline but that’s a whole nother okay so there’s a lot of different possibilities for people to to explore I think you know probably.

The next question you know people are gonna have is well that sounds expensive yes yes but you know staying in your own home is worth you know certain amount of money and can save you.

Money I know assisted living facilities are super duper expensive way more expensive than than a stair lift so but tell me you know what’s a range of cost and are there different ways that people can be helped dirt to pay certainly well a stair lift to be by a kid one a good quality one average is you know.

3,000 to 3,500 dollars okay per lift if it’s a double.

Installation same day there are discounts to you know on the second purchase okay and the other options are the VA covers there’s any veterans out there that need a lift yeah you go through a grants it’s like hurry up and whinny yeah but in the end.

Okay well regarding them cover a $12,000 Curt stair lifts and it’s definitely beneficial to go that route there’s also office in the aging they know I’ve got aware of a lot of state programs as far as that’s a good point point.

Of reference for people again Oh certainly because they know where the money is yes so thinning the local health and you know and I had discussed.