Ask The Expert: Carolyn Scofield Of Scofield Access Solutions

I think in the I think it was the last video that I did for on the Aging in Place was different finance options there’s reverse mortgages there’s the renovation loan mortgages there’s home equity loans and.

Then you were also saying to some of the companies offer financing yes manufacturers have agreements right with financing companies.

To work with with various vendors that they there’s a product to to make it more affordable it is something to the effect I’m not 100% familiar with it because typically my customers it’s a direct tag sure but it is an option that has offered great various areas so well thank you giving us.

The lowdown on how to get up that’s all if you guys have any questions I’m gonna have Carolyn’s information in the post so definitely reach out to her and thanks for spending time with us today and we will talk to you next week Thanks.