Dubai Was Lit….. Travel Vlog #1 – Mrbanker Video #4

Two things me and my brother wants to do by and his whole thing was shot in the iPhone but let’s get started me so total trip town was roughly about 15 hours two hour drive to JFK and a grueling 13 hour direct flight to Dubai so this is just me my brother driving from Philadelphia to JFK his guests.

Can see not paying attention he doesn’t even know I’m recording jamming to somebody get on you get to the airport we flew Emirates which is relatively cheap actually and they’re a really really good airline so check-in was really smooth nothing crazy the.

Prices for the flights are probably around $1,000 from JFK.

To Dubai so it was reasonably priced 13 hours straight shot great service great airline so I would recommend if you’re flying from the East Coast definitely definitely take Emirates and they fly also on a big large planes as well so you guys can see the a380 so it can.

Fit up to like 500 people but the good thing is that half the flight.

Was like empty so we were able to literally stretch side-to-side originally we’re sitting together but as you can see we each took a section of three or four seats and we pretty much stretched out for the entire flight so relatively smooth there so.

Plane enthusiasts watching these but I love flames I love flying I love the aviation industry in general so tiny little park for aviation.

Enthusiasts over here you can.

Taking off through multiple camera angles on the a380 which is pretty damn cool you’re.

Able to see the take off from the front gear which is the front tires that I think the tail.

Of the plane as well and as well as the wings which is a pretty nice view you’re able to see from your window as well as the cameras I’m pretty sure a lot of the planes already have it but the a380 is well one of the perks of flying this jumbo jet and it was a relatively smooth.

Flight all the way around and here we are landing right here in Dubai as you guys can see it’s relatively a desert all around but I guarantee you it’s.

A really really beautiful city so here’s here’s the plane coming in for a nice touchdown flight overall was smooth very very minor bumps I mean you can you can even bet you can barely feel it it’s such a big plane and it’s also clear weather and Dubai too so it always helps I think the bumps are probably.

Around the East Coast area because it was a winter wintry time so here we are touchdown Dubai so as soon as we landed in Dubai we kind of were taken off by how or blown away really about how great the architecture in the airport is everything is done well obviously everything is.

Splurged on I mean the airport.

Looks like a like fancy luxury oasis yes Gladers honestly it looked more like then look more like a mall than anything else I mean look at the layout and the flashiness and all that stuff I guess that’s what.

Dubai is known for so it’s very aesthetically pleasing so obviously.

We do have nice airports here too in the US but nothing like this everything is done meticulously everything’s detailed the airport is also.

Really clean so we now came out so we can get a taxi got a cab from the airport to your hotel and Jumeirah lakes and Jumeirah Lakes is kind of like a like an area within within.

Dubai so really close to downtown area too so as we were taking a cab ride you guys can see the amount of buildings that Dubai has and they’re also right there at this bush Khalifa and they’re also building the same thing in Singapore the boat building so right now we’re checking in in our hotel in Jumeirah Lakes and hotels really cool nice rooftop area and I’m a sucker for a good rooftop and the.

Rooms were pretty uh we’re pretty good too – so nothing bad to say about the hotel and how it was done check-in was pretty smooth so now it was time for a nice nap so after a nice two hour.

Nap but we’re fresh we’re ready to tackle the night although we’re low-key jet-lagged we rented an SUV we drove that to Downtown Dubai to meet with my boy Ali and his girl Maude and here we are in front of the Porsche Khalifa it took us around aboard Khalifa area.

Which low-key kind of looks like Venice Italy very beautiful they have like water shows they have light shows they have restaurants and cafes all around the area very very touristy area but definitely how they recommend to check it out and they also have a beautiful beautiful light show so I’ll let you guys listen to the audio of the light show as well the light show itself on the board Khalifa so after a good dinner.

The light showed water work all that stuff while we decided to call it at night at this point it was probably like midnight one o’clock in the morning and then.

We headed back to the hotel so after a good night of sleep we had a jam-packed day so we started with the marina and we had breakfast or brunch at the marina and it was one of the beautiful sights I’ve seen in Dubai I mean a nice body of water bunch of beautiful modern.

Architectural buildings nice.

Fancy something straight out of a rap video and it wasn’t really dead packed either and there was a lot of great restaurant choices around there so we sat down and we grabbed it up so after a great full.

Meal we started making our way down to.

The Dubai desert I was roughly a 45 to 50 minute ride no traffic none of that stuff and pretty smooth Drive and as soon as we got to the entrance of.

The desert we had our guide who was waiting for us it was a.

Group of four so me my brother and two other people and we literally just started making her way to the middle of the desert just following the guide through a.

Some kind of a path or trail to avoid kind of the dangerous soft areas so we just followed a guide to a location where we could just rip it freely without having any issues at one point we got so far in that you could barely see anything you could see some of.

The edges but you could barely see the city and also the entrance of the desert Abdul was filming in a drone unfortunately we lost the footage because the drone was destroyed not a Dubai somewhere else.

And yeah we just started ripping it through the sand dunes we get to an area where there’s like a little bit of a slope so I just started ripping it right in the middle and you know when all the way in all the way out kind of circling around it was the safest area you could ride.