Dubai Was Lit….. Travel Vlog #1 – Mrbanker Video #4

Fast their and the guide really didn’t have a an issue about it as long as you weren’t doing anything crazy so that was that.

And then we started making our way back to the front of the key entrance.

Of the desert and then my ATV broke down and it took me like a good five minutes to get back to get.

Up meanwhile the gut is yelling at me and telling me to come down so we got back up do took a picture in a camel and we were done with the.

Desert so on our way back from the Dubai Desert back to.

The city my brother and I had jamming funfact over my brother every time I have the camera on him he stops dancing he’s a little camera shy so that’s always funny to me but as we’re approaching the city nice little.

Skyline of Dubai Sun is coming down beautiful view Ali hits me up he goes you know fabulous the rapper is gonna be in Dubai tonight at this club called base I was like yo fab.

Was gonna be here tonight we are out.

There my love fab so let’s go out there and show him some love so we got fresh and we headed down there so needless to say bass Friday was super fun we had a great time great venue great deejay great service and also fun people around a bunch.

Of international people which is always good to have so highly recommended a few friends you’re ever in Dubai and you want to go for great nightlife experience also right next to our table is this night.

And do it ordering bottles left and right he must have ordered like nine bottles so that was really really fun to watch so that was base fridays so after a night of partying a good night rest next morning we made our way to Abu Dhabi but before we found a Dunkin Donuts in the middle of Dubai and we were like hell yeah we’re about to get some Dubai Dunkin Donuts so we got some coffee some.

Croissants and we made our way or started making our way to Abu Dhabi which was gonna take us roughly one hour and change so we made it to Abu Dhabi and the first stop obviously that you have to.

Make when you go to Abu Dhabi is visit the the Sheikh Zayed Grand.

Mosque which is extremely beautiful I mean it’s an architectural marvel that was pretty much our first stop we haven’t even gotten anywhere we just went directly to it so we wanted to visit it from the inside and out so they obviously make both men and women remove their shoes and they also as a man and a woman you have to cover your body from top to bottom.

To show respect to the actual mosque it is a religious building at the.

End of the day and I don’t care if they made me wear a goddamn hazmat suit it would have still been worth it I mean look how beautiful and well constructed this is I’m going to do like a quick montage of many of the pictures that I took from this mosque it’s super clean it smells amazing high ceilings at the level of detail and intricacy is is.

Just unreal and this is place where people actually pray where the sheikh of.

Abu Dhabi absolutely prays they have like a large pool outside too I mean these guys knew exactly what they were doing when they designed this mosque so coming up is a montage of all the beautiful pictures that I took so.