Dubai Was Lit….. Travel Vlog #1 – Mrbanker Video #4

After the mosque visit we made our way to downtown.

Hubbell Dhabi to find some food so we ended up at this place called drew Maeda Etihad towers and there’s actually an Indian wedding happening in the background so those DJ and.

People are turning up in Abu Dhabi but the food was amazing dessert was great it was exactly what we needed before making her way back to Dubai so I’m gonna read back from Abu Dhabi my boy Ali hits me up again with a tilt plan saying it should last night in Dubai let’s go to this lounge called Lounge 101 right next to the swanky resort one and only the palm it’s on the.

Man-made island palm jumeirah and I was like bet.

So we went back to the hotel after Abu Dhabi and.

We changed and made our way down there and that’s the Atlantis actually Atlantis.

Resort you’re looking at right now so we’re going to this location in a corner of the man-made island will fall in our boy here howdy.

It’s hard to put it in picture unless you look at the GPS it honestly doesn’t feel like you’re in a man-made island which was pretty cool I guess they.

Made it really seamless but we’re following his beautiful black g-wagen beast he loves that car so we parked up and we had to hop in a golf cart to take us another two-three hundred yards away from a parking spot which was pretty dope I can’t even speak English and don’t mind my shitty camera not doing.

Any justice whatsoever it’s at a beautiful view right in front of the lounge 101 on.

Palm Jumeirah so I promise my next pictures on my next camera is gonna be a.

Lot better than this one Cheers jiae’s guys thank you for being awesome hosts we appreciate it so yeah after we had a few drinks at the lounge 101 we were starting to make our way through the resort actually because it is part of the resort and some beautiful pictures coming your way right now so it was until our very last day no.

Why did we decide to do with the ultimate tourist thing which is to visit the inside of porch.

Khalifa so we bought some premium tickets to visit the tower which gives you access all the way up to 148 floor and you have to take actually two elevators to the top.

The first elevator gives you a nice comparison between burj khalifa.

And the other monuments across the world kind of like this i’ll let the audio run just have a look on your right warm you see the big banks in London since.

Bullies communion your bright side Rizzo Oh reach them on 120 village above the big ones 150 meters change the elevators really so.

We took a second elevator to.

The hundred 48th floor which is the highest floor you’re allowed as a tourist which is pretty cool and.

As soon as we got out the elevator I mean the hospitality.

Was top-notch nice designs on the top floor and you were greeted with like all kinds of refreshments juices and.

Like that mango juice apple juice orange juice Lee had goddamn Kiwi juice out here and they also had macaroons and pretty much like any kind of snack or coffee you want it for free included into your premium ticket which was pretty delightful so we obviously indulge in some some refreshments and macaroons and we later also got some coffee while we.

Were enjoying the view all the way up top I mean it’s just nothing the the videos the pictures do not do it any justice they make.

Sure that it’s not crowded they make sure that every single class or every single group is a lot has the ability to sit down and and and just rotate it around the the tower and it was a pretty cool feeling being up there and they also have like a.

Luxury shop over there I was like and you’re not gonna get me with that so I was like nope but that was Porsche Khalifa love the city I really do Barcelona is always.

Gonna be my number one favorite city but Dubai was amazing I’m gonna be.

In Amsterdam in the beginning of.

The year in January so the video quality is gonna be a lot better I’m gonna be shooting on my camera so no more portrait black stuff on.

Side thank you guys for watching I appreciate it please like comment and subscribe so until next time thank you.