Biggest Event In Fortnite History, Cube Butterfly Event? (fortnitemares)

Hey what’s going on dudes its Mitch or beige and Canadian here welcome aboard to a very epic fortnight video and I say that because we are less than 24 hours away from the reveal of the biggest fort night event in history and I wanted to take some time here tonight to discuss with you guys all the latest theories.

And potential leaks that relate to this event so those you who do not want spoilers and you don’t want spoilers don’t watch but to be completely forward with you there’s still so.

Many questions at hand so many things we don’t know and we will find out soon enough tomorrow so welcome aboard everyone to a quick livestream here as we discuss the butterfly theory leaks in fortnight Battle Royale the event tomorrow in.

Fort nightmares it is just around the corner it’ll be happening at 1:00 p.

Eastern Standard Time and a key thing I want to make sure that everyone who’s tuning into the stream knows about is it will only take place in fort nightmares you will not be able to see it if you’re in disco domination.

A practice tournament regular squads and most importantly a lot of people are thinking they can view this in playground mode tomorrow you cannot it is only going to take.

Place in fort nightmares that is the latest news and I’m actually just gonna show you that real quick before we go any further so you know I’m not messing about when I say that because I thought it was gonna be viewable from anywhere but it is apparently not going to be viewable unless you’re in fort nightmares and that’s from an effing staff employee boomer so let me just show you that real quick here and.

I know Laughlin knows boomer so I’ll have to assume this is some credible information here and let me switch to my theme real quick over to desktop as you can see right there a little tweet or mention from reddit right.

There to clarify that again you will not be able to see the event tomorrow 1:00 p.

unless you’re cued up into a standard game mode of four nightmares I should say I shouldn’t say standard because that’s definitely not the norm for tonight but you have to be one of the four nightmare lobbies anyhow I’m gonna go ahead and start up a playground mode here so that I can go and.

Stare at the cube as we discuss this and share with you all the little knickknacks regarding the butterfly theories that are taking place and I got a lot of shoutouts to give a lot of things to talk about I’m gonna just shamelessly plug my creator.

Code as well and say it’s in the top of the video details of.

The Beijing Canadian oh ha that’s convenient cuz now I can just show it to you there’s new items in the shop ruckus right here let’s snag him he’s kind of cool I wanted to do that on stream to let you know that if you’re gonna buy some skins I would very much appreciate if you used my Creator code right here which is the beige and Canadian super simple easy to type in there I’ve got it and top of the video details it’s gonna copy place but that said shameless plug.

On the side anyone who subscribes gets a shadow you already know the drill and if you’re new here I of course very much appreciate that let’s see if we can cue into a player mode without it giving us a road block again because I’d I’d like to check out what I’m trying to discuss here today as we talk about it so big shadows everyone who is.

Subscribing stun men thank you very much for joining the family here road to 6 million subscribers is underway and I’ve got a lot of big things planned and got some exciting updates to share with you guys in the future some things are under wraps some things are top-secret but I’ll be able to share them all soon enough we’re queuing up again in here I have not missed no diamonds oh my lord I’m excited for tomorrow though the event 1 p.

It I’m gonna start a live stream early tomorrow probably live stream for at least two hours leading up to.

Play some games with some fans we’ll chat more about the latest leaks speaking of leaks leaky leaky Lake where all of these things are taking place huh what do you think about that one oh my boy Johnny Thank You Veronica for the $2 super chat appreciate that.

Let’s see some dubs this is a discussion stream so I’m only talking about the latest leaks related.

To the fortnight event that’s happening tomorrow so I won’t be playing any public games if you want to seem to get victory Royales tune in tomorrow around 11:00 a. Eastern I’ll be going live so I will be I’ll be going for dubs tomorrow but let’s take a look at our friend Kevin the cube here you can see that there have.

Been some major changes to our dude I may have to switch into replay mode after actually to really fly around and get those close ups but you take a look you can see that not only has it fully cracked and.

Has this pink or emitting from it it’s starting to slowly drain and it’s draining a little more every single hour I believe even on the oww I think I may have missed it and what’s happening is there is as some.

People are dubbing it a nectar or a teardrop some form of liquid or potentially related to the butterfly theory cocoons dropping out of the cube and down into the vortex of leaky lake so you can still see some of the.

Energy kind of liquid esque floating out of it emitting from the bottom of the cube here it is looking devastated the moment our our buddy here is not doing so hot as we get oh he’s lightning strike me without even.

Moving me now I see how he rolls its he’s looking worse and worse that is absolutely certain as we get closer to the event tomorrow at 1:00 p. so let’s start talking about all the leaks related to our cube friend here so I’m gonna tap out a fortnight.

And I have a ton of tabs pulled up here in my browser that we can discuss and talk about and I want to give some shadows to FN be our fortnight Battle Royale leaks on Twitter as well as all these other websites that I’ve been using for reference points and some people have been sending me links on the side so I appreciate everyone who’s hooked me up with that so let’s go ahead and start to just review what’s coming there’s there’s some stuff that you know may not be quite as related to this event but.

You know if you want to see skins and things you can find on this Twitter – you know this skin looks sick by the way the growler I’m uh I’m gonna go up that skin when it comes out that looks like a really sweet one so these these are our data mined pieces of information that they find in the game’s code.

Before it gets released to the shop so they can find information like that and share it with people so kind of cheeky I I hope this isn’t against epics Community Guidelines I know I love you epic games I’m just trying to share a little fun with.

The community these are just theories of course these are not guaranteed pieces of information these are just ideas and things that people have pieced together through finding data mined information or looking at all the lore that’s.

Going on in four days so we’ve.

Got right here some stories about Kevin the cube and the leaking nectar and we.

Actually a video showing it from dakotas or shadow to dakotas the only problem is the filming is poor but I’ll try to fullscreen it and it rewinds the moment where you can actually see the nectar drips quality abysmal in fullscreen oh my goodness but you’re gonna see the cube crack and you see that you saw that full bit of energy drip out that was awful quality to find a better video for that unfortunately I don’t have one on hand.

I was having a tough time finding it but what it ends up looking like is kind of like a teardrop this is kind of dangerous to be searching while I’m on stream huh maybe I should just make.

Sure that it’s safe on my other monitor tear drop image yeah so it drops out and it basically just looks like this but.

It’s purple it’s it’s looking like it’s oh boy what did I click on so it’s like a purple teardrop but they’re calling it nectar some people that’s what they’re dubbing it so you know what happens it could even be a cocoon so I’m gonna just I’m gonna search for cocoon on the side here for those who don’t know what a butterfly cocoon looks like because this is the biggest you know I guess giveaway of all the data mind information as.

You can see on screen here is some sound files and some small asset files related to butterflies and flipbooks could it be a new thing that is for your locker like a new category you can have different types of screenshots so instead of it just being your loading screen there’s now these flip book pages possibly is it gonna be a new.

Pet that’s a butterfly that can evolve and.

Change shapes and colors very possible as well I think it’s gonna be something related to the in-game obviously the cube I think something that’s gonna happen there’s me that butterflies perhaps come out of it as part of the event or that here’s a quick casual cocoon image for you it’s with butterflies.

I know the latest leaks right here the latest and greatest I got you guys I’m holding it down here with the info I got that Intel for you I got the scoop so what I’m.

Thinking is it’s actually going to be the The rifts so the teleport portals I’m gonna.

Go ahead and respawn and head over to the Viking hill and I’m gonna go ahead and look at that and I think you’ll see what I’m talking about when I get there if where am I.

Oh my goodness I’m a bit lost never mind we’re good we’re on track we’re right on track so we’re gonna head over there i’ma show you what I’m talking about because when.

You see the rift fragments you’ll see that the shape of them could be somewhat butterfly ask if you want to really stretch it that would be the closest thing in game that’s related to these cube events I was gonna open that chest just like addicted to loot then even like turned my.

Brain off when I saw that chest I had to go for it let’s respawn again actually it’s gonna be faster so yeah it’s it’s possible that all the rifts could become things that can have an impact on the multiplayer gameplay this is obviously all just theories you know these are just ideas but they’re based on discovered data and things that people have found within.

The game well they’re to find out tomorrow anyways. Eastern we’ll be live streaming here in the channel as well so we’ll know soon enough exactly what’s going down but let’s find ourselves a portal just we can stare at it where are these rifts where they.

Act I want to see one that’s oh there we go we got one right here on the ramp perfect let’s go ahead and fly over to it so.

It’s maybe all of these rifts if you see the shape of them you know you could you could twist that into being into being a butterfly I think you could I think you could definitely manage that so is it possible that these rifts will have a different effect in the future you know maybe they’ll be.

Same way we had apples and blue mushrooms introduce the game maybe there’ll be new items.

That you can pick up that replace rifts that are related to butterflies and can create some kind of chaos on the map so maybe you.

Get something good over here and somewhere else you know.

Lightning strikes who knows right but it’s gonna be it’s gonna be interesting because it’s all gonna be related to the fort nightmares in some way shape or form as well just because it’s only in the fort nightmares Lobby so you have to safely assume it’s related to that a way of closing out that event nicely and showcasing whatever the plans are going forward so here’s some more articles some more websites covering these leaks and I just want to remind anyone who’s tuning into the stream a.

Few minutes late here to do two things number one take a mental note very important that tomorrow.

When you go to play fortnight that you are not in playground mode it will not work in playground mode from what I’ve found so I’m gonna highly highly recommend you take a mental note and play a fortnight mare’s round and there’s been some you know I don’t know how accurate is there’s been some some.

Data releases that there could be some form of an antigravity field or dome or.

Protection a shield a bubble whatever you want to call it that could protect players from killing each other during the event that would be nice because in the past they haven’t had that so events take place and someone could just cap you and ruin your day while you’re trying to check it out so hopefully tomorrow’s event will have some kind of protection for all.

Players trying to view it because it’s also been announced that the events gonna be five minutes long as you can see here a listing on the PlayStation events page said the upcoming fortnight event is called the fort nightmares finale and will be live for five minutes will last five minutes so I mean maybe that means you have you know a five minute leeway to get into a lobby at 1:00 p.

Just means the actual event will take quite some time and be a very large cinematic production for you to enjoy which is possible.

Because if we add in the tweet from the creative lead of fortnight he did mention this is a must see and you do not want to miss it so I’ve got more images here butterflies for you that we’re found in the data so just to you know back up what.

I’m talking about I don’t want you guys to think I’m coming at you with some random stuff this is all based on details and and game elements and pieces.

Of the leaked data that miners data miners have found hard core people who want to find out the truth and spoil it for everyone else but they can’t really spoil it because they still don’t know what’s going on we’re all just you know coming up with some ideas for it which is a good time and I’m curious to see.

In the chat what your guys ideas are for the event tomorrow based on this new information we have butterflies you know here’s some more details right here covering the butterfly event I’m curious about the.

The nectar or the teardrop coming out of the cube to me that’s that’s that that could be.

That could be big we’ll see what happens with it put her interesting pretty interesting here’s a little video of the cube event let’s see what’s going on here that’s when the cube got is big crack and dropped its first bit of nectar.

Or energy down into the vortex below so there is there’s some stuff to happen that’s for sure they warned fans hoping to watch it event from the comfort and safety of playground mode you won’t be able to again reminder don’t use.

Playground mode make sure you were in a real game or you’re going to be disappointed so they should make that very very clear tomorrow I hope so otherwise I’d be disappointing it oh snap something I was gonna ease into here and I was gonna share with you guys a thought that some people have come up with is that the floating island above leaky Lake let’s just go ahead and pop it in other playgrounds the floating island it’s now cracked it has Kevin the cube about to.

Fully destroy himself tomorrow is that that island will then drop to the ground there’ll be more islands connected to it or I guess a part of the total island collection.

Will fill up leaky Lake so that it’s not just a big empty spot of water where it’s very annoying to.

You know Traverse so here’s an image of that I’m gonna jump back into my screenshots here that’s what I was going to show you here’s what people have found within the code.

As far as what could be an island or v2 of the floating island and it looks more like it would be actually in the water you see the waterfalls and no longer looks like it’s floating there’s some nice grass and it fits ever so conveniently into the shape of loot Lake or leaky lake so it could be the new loot lake right there.