Travel Vlog: My Trip To Seoul | Part 4 | Amventures

Why is your pinky up today Chung and I are doing our own thing today so I’ve been wanting to try the pancakes here we’re back in Myeongdong at the industry cafe to try the pancakes and then do some more shopping probably go to like style nanda the cacao cafe is we didn’t try the Ryan cafe last night but.

I think I’m gonna go back there tonight to try the coffee because he has his face did.

You and then we’re going to awesomeness hello FA and then maybe honey lemon you know what’s so funny lemon happy l’m happy one yeah I would I do want to get some cute pictures here.

Today so that’s why I’m all dressed up yeah I’ll film again when the pancakes come out you okay yeah oh my.

God they look so good I’m excited got a copy laughing and this is called a souffle hot cakes so it’s ten dollars for fifty I believe looks like we have blueberry compote some agave syrup butter Oh need some sugar there.

It’s a good system zero chum in Iraq he got me a milk tea and he’s drinking he’s the morning Cooper’s old here since since Wolfram – and I got you super chillier now you can take will back here he says he wanted to go add more sugar like a straw last couple I mean I used all this comes a big job different places this is really good I did some damage a lot of shopping I mean some of it is not even for myself some.

Of its we’re like just I do need to do a little bit more shopping I got to get my mom a couple more things and then I think I have to go to buy more things for my friends we’re.

Gonna finish these drinks I’ll probably head out here continuously shopping gotcha oh my god I love him he’s in that drama I’m watching right now it’s caught what’s wrong with secretary Kim Chung and I are gonna go look at some more shoes for him he bought a pair of shoes yesterday but the pair of shoes he’s been wanting is for a woman so we’re gonna go find somewhere him we found I did Tai Fung here oh my gosh ever since I found out that his face from the.
Bum grows whoever I’ve been.

Wanting I tried this place put on the soup don’t please let’s eat trunks not really hungry but I’m pretty hungry so we’re gonna eat here Leila Allam down crabmeat Xiao long bao she likes to my right now maybe even this what is that different challenge I’ll just see that’s enough that’s more than enough why is your pinky oh so this.
We got our dipping sauce pretty.

Cool views great little bow for a regular Shambo shrimp jumbo crab meat Xiao long bao and shu mai 51:5 for two people not that it’s not too bad I’m not sure what this one is ooh.

The regular one so then we have our other ones down here cuz we have 4636 dumplings into me you like it we just got our second one I don’t know which one in this one is probably shrimp one we just got a shoe my well.

Shoe mine is one of my favorite favorite like dim sum entrees you should take the others here.

I’m excited this one is my favorite one so far and we just got our second one crab is.

So good much put this back on but this one is my favorite but so good which one is that one oh my god really good so good it’s like not salty this one I really like I was not expecting soup in that one.

But there’s soup in that one soybeans it was so yummy that soup in the dumpling was so good it was very clean yeah my favorite was a shield mine I would definitely come back I wasn’t expecting the soup in there so that’s probably why I enjoyed it so much right now.

We’re gonna continue wandering around so I can find out style nanda because I’ve been trying to go there since forever continue walking around for a little.

Bit getting this it’s been an eventful day of shopping eating now we’re heading home.

I’m probably gonna walk around Hongdae a little bit rich for the water show at night can’t wait to drop off the stuff down there anywhere else you want to go besides the bitchin shops.

In one day all right what you want to eat shadowplay something yeah yeah I’ll probably wander around here and eat something something quick I think too much I feel kind of full from did Tai Fung but oh but I also need to drink some water to keep myself hydrated because it’s really hot here but this is why we’re staying by the way if you guys haven’t know.

It’s like a little Airbnb that we rented out for ten days right now it’s almost dark by the time we get there alone sorry I had lights and everything but a light show right now really cooler too maybe you’ll walk down there I.

Over there home that way look at that building right there it’s like reflective that’s cool we got some people on their tents I know the last time the last time we came here a lot of people really a lot of people brought like picnic food and like little blankets on the floor right now no I don’t.

Want to film my children I don’t know if that’s like weird or not okay all right so here’s like a Little River part for people just like their feet it’s really cool they’re so cute all people have people bring their dogs and.

Ended up going to the wrong location yeah but look at this look at this little water show going on hey this makes.

Up for it though this is cute all the kids are running towards it to see it I did not know about this Hey the nuts on Tower is lighting up all the way over there here they come I’m getting pretty hungry though I don’t know what to.

Eat after there this is pretty enjoyable – making the most out of this yeah so can’t get over the view though I love city lights and we’re back and I spent $5.

Like take it which one are we going for you want to sitting straight up moving I think this is oh my god I don’t know I don’t.

Know the vulgar maze I lasting attend all we know here we I have one more dollar I have one more.

Dollar don’t waste end up yeah $2 go for the one in the corner that one the one that’s sitting cuz you got a good grab on him.

Earlier I didn’t give giving last dollars a lot wait which one should we go for like that white one or that one no forget that we go for Lima sits down why not are you sure I don’t know guaranteed.

Are you sure I’m so filthy we’re going home we’re going home making you have my coffee and all isn’t it no no okay last day of a have extra $10 yeah if you have any spare change put it in there we’re on our way to announce that now it.

Is my first time riding the public feels really nice I’m sitting right under the I miss so we drain it was really.

Good inside you happy wait happy lemon we should have got it now I guess oh that’s so nice we should go back to there as no don’t say some powers oh the bus just lost my view are we’ve been taking the subway.

So much we haven’t really seen we haven’t really seen much of the city but will they have an outlet y’all whoa there’s an outlet y’all go there oh yeah Chinese peaceful okay I guess it’s the blueline list so nice the hair shop like that last day and we’re like finally seeing like yeah upset it’s our last date so just two three.

More days yeah shoot three more days that’s a lot of me look another day ya don’t wanna go back to work either I don’t know what I’m going to do in Boston go.

Back Samara Romer there’s you know more crazy someone’s fighting them thank you I feel like my whole body is just like imagine hi.

Calvin oh man see last time I was here I wanted to hang it on the wall thing but I’m in it like I’m I walk on a tree so this is what it looks like when you come out of the cable car walk up these steps I think I would have died if we hiked up here you see some of the city over.

There this is where I felt little meter thick if I can find my luck here but I honestly don’t remember which tree it was I think they’re going to film a drama here because there’s an MVC truck a MVC HGTV truck over there and an earlier Linda also mentioned how she heard one of the people are trying to possibly going to get the.

Don’t know oh my god oh my god who’s in there honestly I wonder what drama could be filming if it was like oh my god I can’t believe it they’re all like parking over there beautiful view.

Though but I’m excited to see whether your fifth tape around this one I don’t know if it’s.

Because they’re gonna film or maybe they’re fixing something oh my gosh I just want to know who I just want to know who the actors.

And actresses are I got Chung riding his Locke he just wrote Amy and Trunks a date and.

I drew like some parts and stuff so I don’t know what else he’s gonna write you looking like you’re thinking really hard about this stop that oh my gosh I just I’m just so curious who was here I know right like I just want to know like I’m I kind of I’m kind of delaying my shopping time.

Here to see who’s over there nah they still gotta come up here we should go put our lock nice we’re currently going to find a place to put our lock what.

Do you think babe here you over right here alright there you want to lock it yeah you’ll write there no that’s too hard let’s put it somewhere else over here so that’s like put it somewhere else children right here right here it hangs out first does it not push through do you have it.

On the wrong side there you go now it’s locked there forever gotta remember it is right here at the corner and if we ever come back to find it I’ll be right there a red lock we back with the gang I can’t.

Read it that one’s on you try to get the black one I can how do you know this one right here.

Boy house just just try it wants to try we should open to will I feel like he don’t he’s gonna be my it’s not gonna work we probably sing like a bad boy the white one he’s also seriously but you do you think that you.

Think he’s too hard to get what about that white one in the back oh my gosh oh you.

The white one is the best they do heavier thing will has played this game multiple times to know you believe this will there’s no way it’s more doable than the problem.

Yeah once again Oh only a six months left my boy well just let will play let will play this time well maybe we can get us a different one you’ll see right well which one you going for well it’s gonna get it oh my god wait.

That’s $10 was $1 okay all right try to grab it by the but everyone’s trying to get this white guy like the black one that’s a great place well every morning and I think I.

Have yeah which one you go on for the white ones though believe beyond belief he’s trying to put in that dollar holy hell when I get on this point when you.

Shot today well which one I should so try that way I have some more coins at some one point it’s a two hundred so hard I don’t know what to do all the only give is I want the black.

One this is go fly back to America now trip and scrape my knee over there we’re all packing last night in Korea Linda’s patchy oh my gosh this was the first this will be.
The first time I visited Linda Fe Nissim style I have plenty.

Of room left in my body she was in the bag wait are we gonna drink the soju you wanna play a game for it dang Linda that thing looks.

Packed I think I have room in mine to pack some shavers I don’t know because like I have this I think I don’t have I’m gonna think I’m putting anything in this duffel bag I don’t think of putting anything of Mary that’s why I’m saying like Vanna rearranged everybody cuz that’s his shoes you know wait wait wait aren’t you she was gonna smell I know but ours she was gonna smell.
We’ll pack sir he brought us to peace just for the shoes that’s a lot of.

Face oh my god that she was like all right we have so many Shiva’s in here wait right goodnight to everyone ending the vlog here good bye Airbnb it was fun we’re heading out right now to the subway.

Let’s go we are ready to roll I can’t vlog while I roll my suitcase Oh see you guys at the airport it’s a it’s a one studio one bath with four beds in here Chung and I slept.

Over there will Linda slept on the twin size and then we slept on the futon mattress alright let’s go y’all.