Fostering Innovation In Travel – Traveltech Con 2018

Hi everyone its marina here with the fast TV with Travel tech conference 2018 and here with me Boyd from the company IO mop hi Boyd how you doing great marina thanks can you please share with us what is IO mo sure io mob is a blockchain powered open mobility marketplace where we’re gonna allow any user anywhere in any.

Of the cities where IO mob is operating to have a single point of.

Access to any public or private mobility service and from that they’ll be able to route them book them.

Pay for them in one single stop I’m Sarita Hines with trust a bit and our goal is to mobilize the traveling consumer imagine if you had a flight delay and you could instantly be compensated so we.

Use blockchain technology to issue compensation to passengers quickly easily and securely my year flights have been delayed I am Daniela Bachchan and I am co-founder and CEO of triplets and trip loop is a b2b real time group travel coordination tool with and without Wi-Fi.

So we are a mobile app that helps a group that already has an itinerary say a city abroad group and they integrate their itinerary into the app share it with all.

Of their students and have a way of sharing all the information the unit share the students get to see everything through an interactive map and they also have a closed social network my name is.

Jesus and Donahue and I am the co-founder of sidewalk sidewalk is a mobile app that delivers guided walks to explore cities what we are building is a mobile app that knows you and what your preferences are.

If you love cocktail bars if you love history AV love architecture what our app will do is it will stitch together the perfect series of places to explore from point to point to point you know to give you.
A story that explains everything that you’re seeing the future of travel.

Is about context and Sidewalk delivers that in droves..