How To Get A Visa To Travel To Vietnam

There are many reasons to visit Hanoi Vietnam be it the food culture and overall accessibility to beautiful destinations within a few hours of a motorcycle ride before you can get here though you’re going to need a visa and in today’s video I’m gonna break down how you can go ahead and get your visa before coming to Vietnam hey.

Hey video we are going in break down how you can go ahead and get your visa letter to Vietnam the process of getting the visa how much it’s going to cost and what you can expect if you’re new to my channel I make videos about travel living abroad and I have new.

Videos every Monday Wednesday and Friday so the first thing that you need to be aware of is that if you’re.

Coming from America or most other Western European countries you are going to need a visa letter before arriving to Vietnam now there’s many different options to do this but most common is that people will go ahead and get a visa letter online from one of these e visa companies now I have been using these Ivysaur companies for over.

A year now and I have nothing but positive things to say at least about the one that I specifically choose in order to get your visa you.

Are going to need to apply through one of these companies it normally takes anywhere between two to three days.

Although they do have expedited services at an additional cost you’re going to need to get that visa letter print it out before arriving.

Here you’re going to need to have one passport size photo and you’re going to need to bring a pen with you and.

That’s basically to fill out.

The visa information include.

The picture and if you arrive.

Without a picture they can take a picture of you on the.

Spot and it’s usually kind of done under the table where someone at the visa counter will go ahead take a picture.

Of you and then you have to essentially bribe them to go ahead and print out that picture that they took attach it to your form and go right on through customs cost for one of these visa letters before arriving is anywhere between ten to twenty dollars plus the.

Visa stamp will be anywhere between ten to thirty dollars coming up on the length of time that you are looking to stay here and usually it’s a pretty smooth process okay here’s a little hack on how to get through immigration and get through the visa process faster go ahead.

Fill out all your paperwork before you enter the airport I’ll go ahead and I’ll find links online.

Description down below to where you can download this paperwork ahead of time you can go you’re going to go ahead fill out the paperwork staple one of these passport photos to that paperwork along with your visa letter and there is going to be a couple frontlines.

At the immigration center when you come to new I buy airport there’s usually tons of confusion but the fastest way to get through this simply cut ahead of all the expats.

Or other people that are confused about the situation go up to the counter with your.

Visa letter paperwork passport and passport photo all together all ready to go I will sometimes usually have money on top of that pile of paperwork before I hand it to them just so they know that there’s going to be no confusion and no miscommunication about the cost of the visa and usually they won’t accept the money but just presenting the money.

Will make you get through immigration a lot faster the way will be anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes I’ve had it take as little as five minutes I’ve had it take as.
Long as 45 minutes and you will be.

Done at immigration simply go down the stairs pick up your bag and you are free I’m gonna do another video about the different visas that you can get and the lengths.

Of stays that you can have this will probably be more Western country centric but depending upon where you are in the world this might apply to you I hope you guys found this video helpful I post three videos a week Monday Wednesday Friday if you liked what you saw here go ahead give the video a thumbs up and if you love it think about subscribing if you didn’t go ahead and give it a thumbs down and let me know what I can.

Do to make the video better in the comments down below and until next time it’s been Mitchell coming to you from Hanoi I’m out.