Thanksgiving Travel Advice With Aaa

As we enter into the busy holiday travel season we want to get as much help from the experts as we can Tamra Johnson from triple-a is joining us now to talk about of course the busiest holiday travel season of the year but as we start to think about weather impacting that holiday travel what are some of the most.

Common problems that you see with folks out on the roads when things start to get snowy and icy and.

Thanksgiving is always a very popular travel holiday and we are projecting that we’re gonna have to rescue about 360,000 travelers on the road this year and that’s really mostly due to lockout debt batteries and blown tires the biggest recommendation for those drivers who are going.

To be hitting the road or those longer trips get your vehicle inspected before you actually get on the road.

And making sure that your tech check in your tread and your tire pressure as well as your battery and then for anyone who’s going to be traveling by air as you’re planning your.

Trip as you’re just starting to get booking things is there anything you can do early on to maybe save you some headaches later so Thanksgiving is going to be very popular for air travelers as well we are projecting that about 4 million Americans will be traveling by plane.

This year and the airports are going to be busy so first you want to make sure that you’re planning ahead in terms of getting to the airport but also when it comes to actually booking that trip we found that those who wait and maybe are a little bit last a minute like me they might.

Actually get better fare so that’s not always a bad thing but you don’t want to wait too late this is quite obviously closed up now we are recommending that traveling on the day of the holiday if you can actually travel on Thanksgiving you’re likely to get the best deal try to book your flight early in the morning those that are going to.

Be traveling between that Tuesday and that Thanksgiving Day are gonna pay it between 450 and about 5 dollars on average for your flight and if you are booking flights are there any airports that are notoriously difficult when it comes to weather-related delays that you know in your.

Experience so we do know that if you’re traveling through some of those more were three locations Midwest locations like Michigan Wisconsin you’re likely to see a lot of snow but even some of those off locations you want to make sure if it’s a busy Airport you want to plan ahead so we recommend being in touch with your airlines make sure.

That you’re calling ahead and try to get to the airport about two hours early for your flight yeah the earlier the better impact your patience for sure and.

Probably a good piece of advice if you’re going to be in the car as well leaving early giving yourself plenty of time what other advice can you give for people as far as safety is concerned and just sanity as they head out on the roads this holiday season what you’re going to be driving your safety on the road is so important urge you to really look at and monitor your drive you want to give yourself enough breaks so you don’t find yourself driving drowsy we recommend giving yourself a break every 100 miles.