Thanksgiving Travel Advice With Aaa

Or every two hours and also make sure that you’re packing snacks if you have someone else in the vehicle with you make sure that you’re taking turns driving that can help with the untruth and.

Actually not allow you to get some tired behind the wheel yeah better to make it there safe and late then.

Not make it there at all that’s for sure and any other insider tips you can give us especially this holiday.

Season is there anything that’s sticking out to you this year that.

Might be different than recent years in the past sure so we actually are able to team with in rigs which is a transportation company and they provide us with some of the worst and best time to travel if you’re going to be out on the roads and if you’re traveling through some of those major metropolitan areas we finding that travel is actually going to start picking up on Monday with the worst time.

To get on the road during that early afternoon rush hour of talking about five to six p. on Tuesday and Wednesday so if you can avoid those times all together that would be your best bet and I also.

Look along your route if you’re going to be traveling through a.

Make sure that you’re not hitting that city during I want to say a huge thank you to Tamara Johnson with triple-a national for joining us and giving us so many insider tips that I know I’m gonna use coming up this holiday season I’m sure we’ll be talking to you again very soon happy holidays.