Episode 098 – Craft Beer And Social Media

Welcome to beer untapped with Perry Miller the podcast i’m joined by Seth hey welcome guys thanks for finding a sauna on the Internet now these shows originally aired on Brookings radio but now they’re all here for your enjoyment I hope you like it there you go sit back enjoy the show relax let us know if you want to.

See anything on future shows as we said that this comes out live in the brookings area but enjoy this archived episode beer untapped with Perry Miller to be run tapped with.

Perry Miller among the many interesting aspects of the craft beer revolution is the way it is gone hand-in-hand with social media to kind of grown up together social drink when you go out for beers it’s yeah you usually sit down and chat with friends or the bartender’s whatever else and in the world we live in today that just is extended on to online lots of interactions lots of different ways to.
To remember to log your beers to promote your beers to grade your beers.

To share your beers with friends and I think the craft brewing industry as it’s grown over the last 10 years and even long.

15 years but has really grown hand-in-hand with with the digital area with social media that is Seth Cooke from wooden legs brewing at Brookings he says the obvious place to begin the craft beer journey with social media is Facebook all of the breweries out there maintain a Facebook page they usually put what’s on tap on what’s coming soon they usually share.

Now they even share live videos with some of their you know some of the from some of their festivals promote events and then you know obviously the utilitarian fact of it is if you’re traveling to a new city you can usually put.

Beer in the city and you’ll get there you know get their address and see what.

They’re when they’re open and what credit cards they take so I mean just uh just the just the function of finding.

Them works really good on facebook.

Says Yelp can be another useful sign of a social generated review site breweries and restaurants do a real good job kind of promoting their brand on it but the nice thing about Yelp is Yelp is really contributed by the community you.

Know the brewery or the restaurant can can show you pictures of what they have.

And put their menu on it but the reality is is the Relf ratings are generated from the community through people that have done it and reviewed it so I guess that’s a little bit more more restaurant centric so that’s a lot of fun and focuses entirely on beer is untapped and by the way that’s spelled without an e if you’re out just having.

Beers and looking for ratings untappd is a fantastic way untap started as an app five six years ago it’s not desperately old yeah but it is a you know it’s a social media platform where you get to look up the beer you’re having I think you can even scan it by its barcode now type out your rating or your review and it’s reveal a picture right and post it and.

Then you have friends on on tap that can see that and it I think their their theme is you know drink socially have it’s okay to you can earn awards because everybody likes awards that aren’t actually worth anything but they’re fun to learn anyway that’s a bragging rights it’s a.