What Are And How To Use Colorstreet Nails

Five beauties it’s gene persona with beauty in the Stamper and you guys I wanted to show you my color street a lot of you guys have been asking what was on my nails when I had my nails all shiny and glittery and they were actually this one here and it’s made by color street and they’re 100% real nail.

Polish strips you guys so this one’s called Mardi Gras that’s what I had on my nails that so many of you.

Are commenting on so but I was looking at all of these different ones and this is what I have and I was trying to decide these are all French manicures and I’m still learning how to do those but I think I have some great.

Tips for those later so I’m going to put those aside I like these because it is October and I’ll tell you what everybody thinks of like pink for breast.

Cancer but I think we’re moving toward more of an all cancer type of thing and so I was looking at these and this is also just for hope in general but looking at the different colors I think I.

Might go with this for the cancer because these all these colors that are in here we’ve got some amber some gold right there and then the yellow right here and so the Amber’s for appendix the gold is for childhood and the yellow is for sarcoma basically bone cancer so this is one that I’m thinking these are beautiful these are some silver here these are really pretty these are called saloon girl I said silver but these have great.

Names tin cell town tinsel town I thought it was two different words but it’s tinsel town.
And then these are called again saloon girl aren’t these.

Super cute and then these ones are really pretty they’re all glittery and it looks like it’s got some star stuff on it and it says new dimensions so we’ve got those this is some more Tinseltown this one’s really pretty and this is typically the colours that I wear when I have my nails long and that’s.

Called London Calling this was another one that I was thinking about doing and that coal I think it’s so cute kinda reminds me of a ladybug and this one’s called wrist area lane so who lived on Wisteria Lane it was the girls.

The are the housewives the Desperate Housewives so I’m looking at those as well I’ll put them right here so you could see there’s these guys these are like a blue so I was.
Gonna say blue silver they’re like.

The silver but they’re blue and there this is called Blue Lagoon this is another really pretty one and I want to wear these but I don’t think now is the time to do it this is called Crystal Cave it looks more of like.

A summery color to me and then these whoo those those like look like snakeskin and these are called Amazonia and then you guys this one is one that I’m really I’m gonna be wearing them sometime this month but I don’t know if I want to put them in now when I say this month I mean like November so am I gonna wear them at the beginning of November um or toward the end I’m thinking I’m thinking I might actually keep these for Thanksgiving because I have family coming over.

To these two and I think I’m gonna go with this because well first of all back to.

The football I went to the football game the other day and they always do a big cancer thing and usually they do pink but.