Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5: Golden Wind Episode 5 Live Reaction

Nobody has crazy house is awesome brought to you by you can’t you don’t know it’s kind of smart to you think about it it’s it’s smart yeah you can probably tell someone fucking doesn’t belong and tress of someone close to the bottom like more detail about the plan become a gang Starwood that’s who we’re going to me too.

Much they even deposited in the bank everyone’s got sides I know pounds is like over over in Europe a.

Lot of places here’s obviously the dollar the US there’s like peso I’m not really sure cash has been in this and what a person present like like are you pretty freaking good today you got Jojo Oh another one sick a free son I did not get a Cambria unforce unfortunately.

It was a would taken too long it was like oh crap and Jones like mmm wait a minute yeah and they’re gonna go get that shit they all respect even that even them here a lot of people someone like grab Democrats there has to be you know and you know what it makes sense.

Monkey brains no way what you go through we need to start skipping hey guys you watching something oh.

Nice okay so it’s going to return to its owner wisdom function in this world are you think why did God create a fly flies can make you see a dead body that you can see I mean it is I guess it does look.

Like we a barbecue freaky you’ve is some crazy shit back and forth man it’s not a big boat man it’s not a big boat then where’s you had this wait and see around you.

We saw happen to the other two and they gotta say I think they should stay together like go off on his own Karen so so his name is Warren yeah it’s always.

A thing for me I’m asked if you buy sure this is 2% purse bullsh a game you need something to go on it should not to town be arguing gas he owes them nothing for the.