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Hi guys welcome back to my channel I’m Priyanka and welcome to another video from the festive series or the wedding series so today I’m gonna be showing you guys some party clutches and pretty much the only party clutches you will need to own so if you have these then you can get away with not buying other things and.

Obviously party clutches are quite expensive so I’m gonna show you some versatile party culture and can go with most of your outfits so let’s begin the.

First type of party clutch that I want to talk about is a multicolored one this is an option and I have a bunch of other options as well so multicolor clutches can go with any outfit as you can see I’ve worn this in a couple of my videos and it goes with pretty much any color any outfit because it has a lot of colors here along with gold.
So if you get something in combination with gold and.

Something that has multi colors or something that’s in combination with silver and have multi colors then it goes a lot of outfits and you can pretty much save your money and not buy other party clutches so this is one option I bought this.

In a local exhibition which was held and convention and in my previous first of all when I showed this one there was a comment which said.

That you can find it for an affordable price of Charlie Chow so in your local markets you can probably.

Find this at a better price than which I purchased.

But anyway now unless you can find something in multicolored and I’ll try to leave some links in the description box if you livin in a.

Different City and you’re all your clothes and outfits at party clutches everything is it in your hometown then just have a multi-coloured one and you can get away with it so these are two other options this one you will pretty much find anywhere in any local market which has handicrafts or sort of exhibitions I got this.

In shivoham’ um it’s a local market here in Hyderabad you will find it in very heart you’ll find it in every other local market so it’s a very pretty clutch and it’s perfect for Navratri and of course and go with a lot of guitars if you go with a lot of semi party wear or you know something.

Simple which you want to wear for a function then this will just be amazing this is the last option the multicolored ones even though it has pink since it has some other colors and gold this also will go with outfit what this from a shop in Cote.

I think it’s called glam walk and now they also have another store called black coal I think coal black I’m not really sure I’ll leave the name here I got it there and they have.

A lot of affordable collection I have a whole video.

Of things which are picked up from their store you can check out that video it’s called paddock lectures from Cote or Sultan Bazaar I will leave the link here or somewhere and of course I’m showing you guys just options but you can pick up pretty much any multi-coloured clutch and if you go with all your threads I will again definitely try to leave.

Some links in the description box and next up is a no-brainer it’s a gold clutch ball is something that again will go with every outfit you just have one gold clutch you sorted it’s both saris and you go on trestles it means fine go on some western or indoor western outfits also you know it like with Anarkali down saris and so many different outfits and this is the most used clutch of mine I think I had this from the past seven or eight years I.

Think maybe the more I’m not really sure but this is the most used catch of mine and this was a gift a cousin got it from us and this one is poach and you will find a lot of options good options even in lifestyle I give to one to my mom sometime back in a gold color which is also perfect good for party where I think they wore.

It in one of money get ready with me videos so this is another option that I wanted to show you guys again a plain gold clutch with a little bit of detailing and most valuable with both Indian and Western outfit and we got this from nampalli exhibition last year and they do have a store somewhere in I think’s again the bath I’ll try to leave the details in the description box again the same thing you will find a pore sludge anywhere in your local markets or malls like.

In lifestyle show of a stop or in an online I will try to leave some links in the description box and third one again you would have seen this coming a silver color clutch and ironically I don’t have anything really nice to show you guys these are the only silver ones that.

I have I’ve been meaning to purchase a silver clutch and I have been eyeing something from accessorise they.

Have really beautiful purses with beautiful work like this but a.

Very expensive would that accessorise and even forever new I’ve been eyeing some of them there so anyway I’ll just show you what I have this one I think I picked up from outside this falls in nampalli exhibition and it was very inexpensive probably 150 or 200.

But you know does the job and I haven’t worn this in a while but I used to wear this a lot when I was in.

College and yeah again if you have a silver clutch again it’s for with a lot of different outfits this was actually a phone pouch which I think I picked up from my boss some time back it had a bangle which I removed because I do not like it but yeah you get the point right any silver colour clutch will go with.

A lot of little outfits actually those three are simply the essence shoes and you can just have something in those.
Three or those three types of clutches and leave.

It at that but if you are looking to build your wardrobe then these are some other options the next ones of course black black is something again very versatile.

Many societies like a pH color you can still wear a black clutch with it or even if Assad is like an off-white it totally wear a black clash with it it doesn’t go.

Every outfit probably but it does go with a lot of fancy saris and anarkali ‘s and you.

Can totally pull it off with.

A lot of colors this is one option I picked.

Online I’m not really sure which site this was from I think either most curl or trusty me I will.

Leave the link in the description box I hope this is still available this one again is one of my most used clutch because it’s a cloth bag even though it’s very simple it looks classy and you can definitely get something that subsequent work if you’re somebody who doesn’t like just plain one Sun actually came with a perfume this is Bulgari the girly perfume set I like sombre three of nine a friend if did it to me.

And it had the perfume lotion and the clutch so I’ve been using this ever since probably again which is four five.

Five years old I think at least so again very versatile most with a lot of my both.

Indian and Western artists and the last option is something that I want to talk to you guys is a traditional color so we have a lot of traditional colors that are pretty common in most of all Indian wear like red marune orange pink these are yellow these are something it’s very common so if you.

Pick up a clutch which isn’t that color then if you go with a lot of different outfits so for example this is something which is in.

Combination with gold it has a really nice thin 50 tailing here and a little bit of a store detailing here this.

Is again from the chop which I mentioned it’s from Cote Sudan bagghar that particular shop if you has something like this even if you’re wearing like a yellow sari or greens are you can still carry something like this so similarly you can pick up any bright color which is actually a traditional color and if you go with a lot of different outfits so I have some options.

That I wanted to show you guys this one is maroon with some so does he work and again it’ll go with a.

Lot of colors as I mentioned like of white beige black even if you’re wearing yellow I suppose and green probably a lot of different colors so this one is from the same shop in koti and similarly these are some bright colored clutches which I have I just wanted to show you guys as options this one’s like a peach pink with a word or detailing your this one is also a gift it was from.

Men thriving I bought it in my last year’s festive look book and I was wearing it with a yellow dress and it actually.

Went quite well you can have just one clutch in any of these colors and it’ll actually go with a lot of different outfits this is the last option that I wanted to show you guys both in terms of color and the type of bag.

So again because orange if you go with a lot of different outfits imagine you’re wearing like a yellow sari with ceccolini blouse you can still wear this bag and we will actually go.

With that outfit and similarly with a lot of the finanical eise i wore this with a cold color actually like a.

Beige color and arcanine it looked beautiful it is a nice pop of color and this style of box is actually quite pretty and you can wear it with like salwar size and so many different outfits in if you layering.

Like a Palazzo pant or and along putas or a skirt or a straight cut pant with a long Kuta you can totally wear something like this so I got this in a local shop which is a gift shop somewhere yet she looks cool in Pune for I will try to leave their name in the description box but they do not have a lot of options it was a lucky purchase and it was just for 250 rupees.

You’ll find something like this in Shilpa Raman for sure I picked up.

Something like this Parimal earlier as well and of course you find something like this in Charminar too and I try to leave some on lining and if you’re looking to add some unique pieces to your wardrobe or your Indian wear collection then this is something you don’t see add to your collection so that’s it those are all the options that I wanted to show you guys.

I hope this video was useful to let me know in the comments below what do you think I am looking to do a few.

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