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Akiyama I’m sorry you now how do you focus yeah please watch it I do not answer to watch this car in the morning what’s happening while you’re dust everywhere about I I wash the car now but I went out you did what I said I went out to the car no more jumpy no why can’t I be well.

You know what you see are you the only person who addresses this guy i one doubt is that what you have to say oh you.

Are supporting him ah you’re supporting him no more char Danny be okay all right I.

Thank you all right nice what are you do you can trick pony cars houses just go for that your trick it’s not gonna kill nobody mama what is it then done let us finish this tomorrow but you see that this one is harsh already you know I’m not feeling Frank we are not feeling fine oh it’s okay Sofia now go and gather firewood so that we can be fast about it.

Please let me finish this life adness this one died you like this you just find me waiting there are few good afternoon what does it mean that you people have not heard tell about what and what what is it something terrible has happened econ his daughter ug deck he’s dead he’ll now have even brought her pops back from.

Abuddin our woman I’m going there to see for myself commie but youichi – you talking about I don’t know I’m confused cause things they’re kind no it’s one of those girls who Yama took to Verdugo lastly fell but who could have happen to her let us.
Go let us forget about it I urge you.

And the entire family so take heart Angelica’s death was a very big shock to our entire school today was such.

A nice person now we cannot help we would miss her she was even for the best Hey huge amount of money homie Sanjeev a car but we can really stick hard it’s a good a news whether you have this to happen who knows best it’s okay my God why did God this we thank you for all the efforts and that.

Is made during their Castle area god record you to God about you take you back to a very base this is $300,000 from today past friends in school they were able to make it because of the distance they asked that I give this money to go we continue to protect all of you budget and now God has blessed you don’t.

Worry about again there’s everything to worry about some people are jealous of me because of what God has done for my family that is not true that is not true hmm everybody in this village is very happy for you all for you don’t understand they are jealous the world has gone out of control because but obviously caring.
About it in my time I don’t get them lived but if I see you on the road.

You have to check whatever this is you want to come back.

Raja knows look at my daughter.

Diamond people are jealous by the curse he came on with was v one v gap in a screw she is.

Doing very well doing very well you know they can be jealous I don’t care scholars bless my family the new students are my daughter always comes first in the class very intelligent but the school Authority promises a big job once is true the stories you tell.

The city Peace of Jerusalem iron lantern GDK was intelligent as well that this cool Authority wanted to divine Nuka before she met a dead child well the emitter the driver that killed that innocent.