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Girl he’s a devil incarnate yes that’s what it is oh well thank God my editor was able to bring home the cops he if I tell you.

What my dad has spent in bringing home that cops will marvel huge amount of money I mean if you have an idea what it takes to bring that body from watch to this place move your mighty good God let’s have for that no I would agree if Roma comes back tell her that I was here because of my daughter fix our jela.

Will still come back again I don’t think you need to come back and so now you can die very much come here go to this man after college and and Kostas just applying a minute this information is not a liar.

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Find a mighty name of Jesus father we commit our spirit into the ever head and you said when you cover us chewie of.

Name of Jesus Christ repair he in the name of the Father hey Luigi I want us to have a talk about what I discussed with you.

Hey God are good all the time why the solutions mama what is it if I should travel on its own.

We honor how will you cook without me don’t you worry about the most important is who have to teach you to do you yes I’m the prettiest to use that when you.

Get to that class first first you will bring good things to be.

This house what to be happy this lanessa to start hopping up in towards my fifth gift when I get there my fist give to be big how you driving it just miss you there’s.

No problems what we took your phone and then why so we sleep now since my cousin and there’s no reason why you know wants to help just like I did for the other girls from this village thank you so much my good thank you so much let me tell you even before your mother mentioned it already had it in mind my school loves intelligent girls like you mama jealousy’s.

Hots kick by the time she gets dance spends like two years everything about how we just changed my school likes to spend money on girls that have very intelligence just like me hey thank you so much and but the only thing I require from charity is for her to obey me she has to do whatever I ask her to do which will help her to.

She will be you homie I know my daughter she will why we should obey you thank you so much okay god bless you is it because a lot of us Angie came home to tell some of this person approach nine I don’t like what you are doing I love a brother to carry always her a good plan.

And helping our people was good we are we are they when she was struggling to get acknowledged what were they now if like everything is done they are watching for help you are making yourself I need them your progress so far good.

Sister is anything Bobby right open all rubbish what do you mean First Lord go under she did this I said wait right last time he came only to some girls over overseas for your school and if can’t ever get to do something I am saying no no Papa this is that one you didn’t tell me that fits father or four was here yesterday my action have to do with protecting your image.