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Double edged sword she’s not the elephant with you now when trouble comes the other way when they become better people in future aha they will just ditch you they will say they don’t.

Know you again hmm don’t worry oh yeah deport all I’m doing is just help these skills so they can equally help their families I have said it won’t happen.

Again the become irate them whatever you do like I said they are evil whatever comes go get it once they don’t allow you to get into trouble what is a disability issue except.

Fat people archives and we just might I don’t care the works Oh what’s going on hey hey hey that’s okay charity.

Gets into the car I’ll buy another bucket for you my friend get into the car stop that do you want to listen to me with you what’s your name Godsey and gauzy alright come and meet me in my house later this evening.

I also have some words with you they gonna tan anywhere rubato what is it what is it it’s magic what is it good afternoon ha.

Ha please give me a lip full to a focal nodular this foreigner here yes want anything why can’t you do it you can check this for Hana here not human Hey oh ho when I was a poor man like you.

I used to track my lunch at the front when the struggle and the issue enters there quietly don’t spoil anything yell you will know that they are poor nation struggle to become with somebody who is poor to be able to struggle to get this one and enjoy the conference over there what the certain.

Angles in pekopon death she went to see the edges Tata this morning after this time of the day she’s not yet back covering kill an encounter good news funky Lauren in.

That I think a gigawatt they cannot iron anywhere luboc a court order we are you going to twist my.

Stop near as our curtain you know our reporter named our corner name is it true that we are traveling to to believe.

Benji’s daughter Rama it is true high style business listen joy ever stopped you on the road next time you see me walking and you don’t ever try to stop me robustness.

That’s a little mood that’s under the mood hey Alan Alan and so drama because if we.

Travel to the booboo hi my doctor but you know you have the long journey I had a few so please drive carefully Thank You papa God is in control all right don’t forget as soon as you reach the good chalice definitely I’ll call you and we are no problem let’s calm down now contacts you know dispensing meds everyone Oh Hey Oh Joe oh mama just.

Do it for that just do it I don’t want what you put let it run everything from the planet off-mike shut up your mouth anybody’s hand of God look at this woman it can’t wash this plane this image it’s shut.

Up your mouth shut up you know how much it costs might not have to bear this cow for me let me tell you even if I sell this plant in 400 years you can’t afford the cost of this car shut up your mouth is a lot stupid you take your money and go get the win you keep doing something you responsible did you cut my.

Father’s cock one of you did better with look at the stick you won that’s everywhere it’s your ticket for this I should’ve reached somebody hey this is good thank God ah look what I was even there let me give the phone to have you reached so how I can say.

No okay okay thank you very much my Delta thank you good night hey.

Baby oh my god we have done it for me again I did it for me I hope next someone who every chance to come back would get another car definitely there’s something I still dreaming what is it.

Last time which she told us we are gift for her from their school with the foremost.

This time again she came back home with vodka a different car does it mean she’s the only intelligent girl in the school what are you insinuating look at this woman the motor that wanna be no more gender maybe are you trying to say the not happy.

Tata is making progress very intelligent no it is this Debra you say what are you saying you can operate without motion don’t mind her number Jardine she should be happy and grateful to.

Put this very something to our family our families are not fortunate unfortunate he’s real history Yama’s conducting today yes it is true why did you stop me Saints I want to go home.

In haste I thought you promised the doctor on my behalf should i interested adobe all that while i was begging you to be my girlfriend did.

You agree now you want me to connect you to my sister so that she would take you abroad I will not do it okay I’m sorry you see as I said take subject to be what I get back to you John so when I go to house Papa I sent you on an errand georgette to send a woman ha ha ha is.

It because I’m standing with.

A ha ha na papaya de mucho honeybee hey you forget that girl don’t come to my house without no job done maybe look up to the authorities we wanna get Adam isn’t a little bitch is he dignity don’t come to my house with Faden eadamson your hooli seeds and trick me some days ago I.

Should have been here before now but have been very busy you know how business is messy book you’re welcome care for a drink I have some in the fridge no no mercy um actually like I told.

You the last time we met be fight traveled I.

Came to show appreciation you know honestly you have been very good to me and my friends and this is our little token to say thank you one good turn deserves another far as this country is concerned yeah I always given by maximum protection ah.

Merci merci beaucoup I have to be on my way now who discussed the deal you told me about one phone very important okay okay enjoy this is 360,000 stepa that is a hundred thousand nine yes that is what I’m reading absence it’s.

Not good it’s poor is this how you intend to raise the $10,000 we agreed on before you become free others raised us we don’t want yet but if you want to use five years to raise your no problem okay seventy thousand sefa your 20% Azhar great thank you this is five litter that’s easier than 52 awesome mm-hmm chica this is 180,000 safer what 180,000 setback family this I made more than that.

My treatments I’ve been seriously you for three days now so you decided to take loads into your hands.

Right now I’m sorry if I have to take you up my health what did you just say so you think you can come into this country and do things the.