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Way you like right listen I brought you into this country with my heart and money how still for two years complete for that reason you have to be careful the way you deal with do you understand I said I’m sorry that’s I and ask.

For three of you I still remain the superior here and you must listen to my instructions whether you like it or not and you chica start making.

Contacts to risk the money that you have already touched from here I give you between now and tomorrow to give me that money or face my brother is that clear I hate you I told you people that I came back with three other girls that is a gauzy fake and my cousin charity you may not meet them tonight maybe tomorrow or next after.

Most are spoken today no problem I’ll contact you your feet again I wish let me ask you how long do you think I’m happy you see my body to make my morning.

I chose her to come down because sets with this thing it will be better model way sweetly is now with be making money fertility and you to pretend to be happy with it is high time Wow listen all right why.

Are you all alone are you a thief or someone meaning hope you don’t mind I hope very good beautiful no I thought you mother Wow there.

Would be a gentleman please yo this is 30000 rockets will do last night I was able to change these notes into Sigma I was in a very diverse Nigeria okay still and tell me how’s it to be don’t be like well should I say to the boring once you be here but I’ll do for one or two pieces where I can do some currency transaction may be so wet you have a choice in.

That case um okay let’s say I’ll be be pointing to ask if you come around I take music plays yeah under.

The transaction please that if you don’t mind I hope you all had a nice sleep last night yes and.

You enjoy the atmosphere of your new environment it’s fine I really enjoyed charity what about you that’s okay y’all will take today relax do some washing if necessary then later in the day I’ll take you to have a view of the town how about Carol aigoo and chika yes this is.

Them here they don’t reside here with me they were here before but they need money I moved into their.

Own apartments mmm aha that reminds me over here I’m being addressed as pets and not Sooyoung these techniques do you understand that’s okay Yesha doctor in that.

City ten minutes yeah sure I’m coming coming I’ve noticed since you came here she wasn’t feeling pretty happy there’s something Bertoni confiding me so you’re sure that you are telling me the truth nicely speaking online whatever I need you to understand that the only reason you’re here is to better your life and the life of your mother nothing good comes easy in life nothing I have passed through a whole lot myself to get to this level.

That I am in right now so whatever instructions you are given as long as you remain here I need you to take it very very serious and whatever you.

Are asked to do make sure you do it for now level people thank you so much so what guys honestly we’ve never had a better deal ever since Betty traveled you know but I do believe that now that she’s back she’s gonna organize something big for us honestly still baffles.