Cotonou Hustlers – 2018 Latest African Nigerian Nollywood Adventure Movies

Me how much connection that girl.

Has in this country in this foreign land.

I Jabby boo but I’ve been a Republican no sabe even to the police commissioner and still surprised how much commission she’s got now II wouldn’t think they’d make me before this country who don’t buy a fur don’t die today in the hands.

Of those so called heartless pegasi boys brush was so quick you know and also Pichu nobody sends Michael FAAST they and why the talk ladies if those.

Boys beautiful Oh sniffing oh I do will it take by man noble are you I swear down can imagine Django a chanc ooh damn a whole jungle opal NC man those guys shoes with like that pakicetus behead them like a chicken anyway Nadia for sure cause if to.

See them for Louis the first to follow their own teams here JJ fish it affects it affects know that was.

A mama might not lie you you see a for this country would greet our heart is awfully talk become a cow we go speak from there inside organic tarnish or Bank honor then God who blots betting on our way that girl is.

Highly connected why he thinks they are just blue myself to her I know what she can do I think his high time who organized a very big heat – it will be a day when I give notice yeah hello yeah okay no problem we’ll be there waiting all right thank you.

Very much guys sometimes about trouble yeah hello Quinn I beg sure none of.

My house social and the next five minutes just lightly a big all right guys guys something is at hand we’re moving out of this place right now Quinn is coming to join us we’re living here in the next 13 years so don’t scare yourself papa welcome back sorry to keep you let’s get on Oh don’t waste money pretty.

Quickly I mean what about me clarity this will your face is like this isn’t.

It in the problem I’m not comfortable with this dress I’m not just pasta with distress how can we go out looking.

Like us our prostitutes this is not a village we need to dress like stabilized because I was having people giving us interest please nothing wrong with it well you really have the village did you think you were going to the city to go to your village legs down you’re better Cheryl your problem is you talk God God you don’t like to really talk to me I can’t take this focus from you I wish from you okay.

It’s okay calm down hey Amy sorry ready yeah turn around turn around it may seem perfect Oh speeches charity turn around all right let’s go okay let’s move it I knew it I knew it I was protecting the very night we are right here you seen it that is why.

Should give up the sexy beard every few years we don’t know what’s going on and don’t correct me anybody wanna see wait.

Don’t tell them I stopped protecting who doesn’t know the kind of thing you do in the village what chuckle yes please you have to leave immediately reserved my song oh.

Mercy I’m sorry do you understand English yes I do okay I I want to see the person in been through six Sandie yeah and who was that on intercom oh god nest you of course yeah excuse.

Me you have to give me a best tonight I’ll pay you dearly for that you know what is not my problem oh my god I change me I’d won this to his rock or Koopa.