Cotonou Hustlers – 2018 Latest African Nigerian Nollywood Adventure Movies

I’m the one in the room I’m in charge Jesus Christ so you look at his feet goo Korean tea I hope a. or pair not wisdom I want to you say to.

Him in the money do I look little too – no no no no no the money is there is there instead good I am sure all of you must.

Have gotten over the shock of last night I want to make it clear to you that we don’t go to school here we are horseless I rented this apartment with my money.

I bought my cars outside with the money I.

Made from my horse so all of you can do the same or even better.

And elevate your families from poverty while looking now and there’s no going back do you understand yes charity faith do you understand I don’t understand what you mean by you a hustler here I don’t understand what happened last night was an example of this we hand out every night I have.

The contact of most prominent men in.

This country and most men who come in here to do business I get paid to provide girls who want their pets every night charity you now understand what I mean by we are hostile ask you one more question please what if one doesn’t want to get involved and still AIDS you might be.

Involved it’s too nice now listen you always stay with me once you are able to raise your own money and get an apartment for yourself like the likes of Carl and orders now what you had is a soft secret and not even your best friend in the village should know about it do you understand yes the story remains we I didn’t get one they cannot iron anywhere vodka got oh hey coredegon Marlon we all my.

You born yo he he born a Sri he woken up na hey na woo muddled in a pond and muggy in a anomaly in my co for all my when Apollo John went wonky eye.

A little one tear I mean you know they are.

Sitting in second I thank you for your good intentions charlie c – female haste to make decisions con was like this when I brought her here but now she’s happy happy in business you know why cuz she has.

Made so much for missions expose you just please in DVD please remind screen hey if you want to what.

Kind of score give it up brand new cards to yesterday and feel it as for me I see nothing wrong in what’s in.

Your majesty if this is how she makes some money in discussion yes now what are we here.

For it’s not some big money and change our standard of living Joe listen school on nation the point is these people and we can also do the same was it you do.

Your thing to do things don’t matter it’s you she’s real muscosa you better bitches of you.

Number six because me because I want to get rich dumb to buy.

Cars just like community I’m afraid I’m afraid war might get into trouble with this kind of business I’m scared please see to discourage yourself and what is happiness this game is so grim so.

Long face and nothing has occurred to anyone of them seminar process into this business we not allows make mistakes she’s going to teach us the mode of.

Operation when you see them coming they can become money stop it stop it stop it oh you’re back please summer.

What was that like you’re right you happy have an emergency.