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But this is literally my part needs our bodies work just let the problem you know.

Get our system but then let me take you that the minute is that what you do Mary I’ll be fine okay how about you guys know which are you so peaceful ready mr. John that’s that’s I’ve been very busy recently in fact I just came from South Africa two days ago oh really yes thank you very so.

How’s the business Oh business is moving fine I actually came for something very important what could that be any problem or subtly not there’s no problem I just need.

Your assistance I would like.

You to assign some of your boys for protection you see I’ll be between huge amount of money from my factory.

To the bank tomorrow I don’t wanna take any risk you know armed robberies on increased is this what what be careful understand you perfectly mr. Duke I do not think it will work out and I’m otwock advocates how my man will be engaged to your tomorrow please mr. Commissioner you just have to help me tomorrow I mean I want my heart.

To be at rest please yes he said.

We’ll be moving the morning by T p. exactly to people so if your boss will just do okay I’ll see what I can do before evening what are friends for that first thank you so much it’s same good a friend in need is a friend indeed that’s right mr. commissioner yes just for your tricks thank you I’ll be leaving now expecting your call all right thank you very much.

Oh thanks you will need my help yet you cannot look at I’m sorry I’m sorry for the delay commissioner as with someone when you called you it’s all right mother do a very big dildo.

Layer attract many you know I like to hear things like that tell me just that you remember that the condition is 50/50 after the job but this time around I will need to see the before the party commissioner.

It 60/40 we take 16 no no no no no no I disagree my dear 5050 agreed see a deal deal beautiful please just promise me that you are not going to remove a dime from the entire money until.

It gets to me all right is the man is an old friend of mine stingy Tom all say a womanizer he will be moving a very good sum of.

Money tomorrow from his factory to the back by 2:00 p. as requested that I give him some police officers for protection so I had planned to give him.

Two of my ill experienced officers to NW have a good advantage of laughter ma no value okay yes but.

How do we know the words to be taken okay that I’m going to provide you with that information from.

My officers I’m going to get it for my officers and make sure I get it posted to you hmm My yes my men will tell me all that you had needed to know it’s our get in front and the officers I’m talking about are my men that I’m going to give it one more time please Probert keeping.

Me company tonight now you know your do you mention that I have that comes done my nerves chill pill alright.

Okay suppose only way to remove stretch that is our job so stressful alright okay see them see them they’re so dangerous north of us and one righteous they can.

Do anything for money you can do everything for money.