Solid Beauty Concepts Nail Polish Organizer (giveaway) Small Nail Supply Haul (closed)

Hello comely welcome back to my channel today i have a small haul for you guys just to show you guys some things that I picked up at my local nail supply store before I do my nails and I also have a very small giveaway for you guys so I’m just going to get jump right into it I purchased.
One two three four five six of these nail dish not Dutch nail best.

Brushes my clientele is starting to pick up so I need more than just one or two so I just got one in every color that they had it had their Color Club polishes on sale for $3 each or you buy ten and get one free so I’ve been watching Natalie’s video and she put this on before she puts her rhinestones on and I’ve been trying to find this color.

Club polish I even looked on Amazon and this was like twelve books on Amazon and this is called just my look and it’s a holographic silver holographic polish I should’ve got more than one I think I’m go back.

And get a couple more of them so I won’t run out because they didn’t have it at first kamar I picked this one up I let the girls get one come on pick this one up and this one is called diggin the dancing diggin the dancing Queens and colors you pick this.

One up is just a very neon orange and it’s called katchafire I picked up some of this liquid they said a little small bottles like this for four ten.

Dollars I like this liquid a lot of people say it’s comparable to this sandy retention liquid it says it’s primarily as you can use it without crime I don’t use it without primer but for the most part like this liquid it drives a little fast for me compared.

To what I’m used to but I’m starting to get used to it because this is my second bottle so if you’ve used this well if you heard anything about this let me know I bought another nail organizing box to put my clear tips in and I got some bluffing blocks and I’ve been looking for the little damn ones cuz once I get done with something.

I like to throw it away I don’t like to use it on the client more than once so I just got a whole fluff of these and they were 15 cents each of the new organizing box it was three or four dollars and I got some of these mini buffers just so when I get done these are coming like the polishing kind I guess you want to say so I got some buddies and I think these are like.

Ten cent each and I got a whole block of these so that’s basically all I got for my nail supply store now as for the giveaway a company contact me by email and I as.

I can see they contacted a lot of people cuz I’ve been saying a lot of people post this videos and do a giveaway for it I think it’s like a lot of smaller channels because I haven’t seen anybody on the bigger champions do it but I actually needed this that’s why I agreed to do this review and the giveaway and it’s.

Just this nail polish organizer is by solid beauty concepts and it holds up to 48 polishes heavy duty plastic.

Construction holds up to 40 bottles secure double clasp lids resizable just accessory compartments designed by beauty professionals register your purchase for.
One year once and 15% off coupon for.

Your next organizer I’m I do have a coupon code for you guys I will put it across the screen right here and I will put it in the description box for for you guys in case you want to or cuz if I’m not second I think this thing is like $19.

99 if I’m not mistaken I put the real price across the screen but.

Coupon code for you guys and I don’t want to lie I gotta check my email again to see how much it is I think.

It’s 10% or 15% off or might be more than that but I will put their other information on the screen so for the most part this is how you open it and you just put your polishes in here under kind of some toe separators and I’m going to love this because I have.

A bunch of regular polishes that I want to put away I don’t want to display my regular polishes I’m not going to buy any more regular polishes because I have pretty much every color of regular polish so I’m going to put my regular polish.

Away and put off the gel polish that I’m starting to buy I’m going to put that on display so if somebody wants a regular polish I can just pull this out and they could just look through here you know look through here cuz it’s clear flip it over and look on this side and see.

What polish they want so I am going to order more of these on my own they sent me this one for free and whoever wins to.

Giveaway they’re going to send you one for free and to insert the giveaway all you got to do is just comment down below into me that’s all you got to do if I’m not mistaken I think the company is going to mail it to you their selves because they always sent me one so I’m thinking the company’s going to Miller to you mail it to.

You them themselves so all you gotta do is just comment down below enter me and that’s pretty much it for this video you guys I can’t wait to fill this up with my polishes I don’t have time right now because I need to do my nails I’ve been looking like this for a whole two weeks I cut them down when I started school because I didn’t think I was gonna be using but I actually can and I need a feeling so bad yeah look.
At that I’ve been my nails I’ve been lookin like.

This for two weeks I’ve been doing other people nails and have been neglecting myself so the next video you get for me will be a nail video I do my computer is now working to.

Let me upload videos so I got that out the way so I got a lot of videos that I need to get up for you guys so with that being said that’s it you guys I love.

You all until next time peace.