Public Education Morning Class #3

Okay so what well we hear a fire alarm at the fire station we have to put on our stuff really fast so first through the first thing to put on is our pants boots and your pants and our first pant in your boots all right yeah and you want to be safe – so we will make sure everything’s.
Buckled up and safe okay next.

Is our is our jacket and we’ve got a hook we put on this protects our neck and our head okay before we go inside we put on this mask you.

Know what this mess does helps us breathe okay you watched a movie about it here on the mask hey and this will.

Help us breathe doesn’t even know it this is Aaron that means airs on you turn my arrow and when we start hearing that again that means it’s time to leave now I can refresh your when I come in to help you guys I got a real.

Important question if I’m firefighters coming in the house to take your walkie or you think they’re crawling if the smoke is way high okay so guys we want to do something real quick and we’re going to need to help up not one of you so we’re going to do something we’re going to practice some of the stuff that we learned today okay so let’s let’s do.
Back in our tables again because this is.

One more easier that way here’s what we’re gonna do we’re going to practice crawling through smoke like your house has smoke.

In it okay and we’re going to do it by tables and we’re going to have Brandon over there waiting for you guys like he’s a firefighter okay so we’re.

Going to do is we’re going to and okay call 9-1-1 okay one more thing that we learned about right here where everybody got to play what was it you.

You have gun rights in it you have any questions for us let’s start right here whatever okay all right a.

Chewie for Halloween that’s so cool what’s your question awesome u5 it’ll be so much fun what’s your question do you get a firefighter from Halloween oh okay all right what’s your question that is so oh you like saying and sonic what’s your question you.
Should probably no no more questions okay you know what..