21 Facts About Me

What is up guys today I’m back here with another youtube video you know I don’t know what I’m doing but like I was bored I had nothing to do actually like like this better um I have no idea why I’m wearing my hood can I never do you windows when you kind of want to me like this I’m.

Looking like this so today I’m doing a Q & A so my first question is where’s my favorite movie my favorite movie will have to I don’t have a favorite movie I guess my favorite TV show.

Is the Fosters it’s on Netflix I think I don’t know I just watched it once and I loved it well and.

I don’t watch it I met third question is my favorite food you have to be tacos yeah you have to be tacos my favorite fourth question is my favorite candy they’ll have to be skittles yeah I’ll have to be skills you know my.

Favorite game still number five my favorite game is fortnight so yeah my favorite app will have to be snapchat my favorite brands who have to be what shoe brands will have to be unites and adidas my favorite brand of clothes is Hollister you can tell I’m wearing the Hollister often right now I have drivers and this red hoodie that I really like it’s my shirt of.

And I’m wearing a Hollister shirt I’m sorry yeah that would definitely have to be my favorite brand of clothes so question number nine well that number nine is I’ve had scooters I read a scooter.

And a pipe decide on them back number ten I play sports I kind of play volleyball at recess but like I kind of stuck at volleyball so sometimes I’ll play soccer and basketball so yeah that number 11 my birthday’s on March 22nd 2006.

They’re back number 12 I like Jordans fact number 13 I like Hollister it’s my favorite story.

Fact number 14 I share a birthday with my best friend I’m not gonna say his name but it’s a boy and we share a birthday so yeah and he’s awesome for the same age group once him Dan Allison year so it’s kind.
Of creepy I don’t know how like yeah my shoe size depending on what.

I’m a different size new Nikes I’m a size 9 I’m.

Nana Tito’s size a then converts I’m a size 7 which I really would wear those Oh invent on besides eight and a half so there you go water these are like or questions you know back number 16 which type for water or juice kind of don’t like juice some ago with water fact number 17 is Starbucks or Dutch Bros I must leave Dutch let me say touch bus I’ll go there like on them but I could go there a lot hmm fact number 8 well.

Question number 18 ps4 or Xbox damn I have an Xbox but I don’t have a ps4 but I play a piss for I’m gonna go with Xbox back number nine question number 19 casual casual like what I’m wearing right now or fancy no go to casual casual I can eat a pretty word yep but a question number 20 shoes or.

Heels mm more like a shoe type person like my keys and stuff question number 21 the final question is my favorite restaurant my favorite restaurant will have two at the moment this Panda Express from I always kept the freaking same thing I got rice I got noodles chow mien or.

Something and then I get orange chicken and grilled teriyaki chicken with sauce eating on the side.

And um and that’s what again that is going to be the screen to end the video I don’t know why I was bringing.