Cook With Us Q&a ~ Vegan Pho!

Welcome back to my Channel today I’m here with Tim and we discovered that we can’t set up the tripod in a way that fits both of us so I’m just going to stand up here and he doesn’t stand back there but today we’re gonna do a little with us / qà so we’re going to be a part of.

This okay so I’m gonna talk a little.

Bit about what we’re doing here in the Netherlands but obviously Tim is Dutch if you guys have been following along with.

Us and we decided to move here because what we’ve really only choose between the US and because mine it just made sense for us to choose here as our home base so yeah that’s pretty much it but no I don’t have a visa.

Yet I got a few questions about that too so I have to leave after 90 days so I can only here until the end of November and then I have to leave for three months before I can come back each other oh that’s not a real thing that’s just today no I think it’s Pepys about you is that you spend.

Yeah if you guys want to download this app this is not sponsored but I have this app on my phone called moment and it tracks your screen time and.

Every time I ever since I downloaded it I have a super hyper aware about how much time alone because if you spend less than like an hour and a half you’re in the green and then any longer you’re in the.
Orange than the red and you never want to be an orange thread so want.

To be more aware of how much time they’re spending on your phone no he doesn’t you didn’t come to.

Greece with me besides that since we met I know I went.

To Australia and New Zealand without you but.

Both of those were like work ish trips okay where do you guys plan to throw Maddox Martha it’s gonna be your next video yeah we’re gonna go to Morocco we haven’t planned even a single second of it but we’re planning on planning it in one week and then.

Leaving after we switch yep we’re gonna bring you guys along for that good how was first kiss first kiss was good what’s the idea I’m back you and Tim and six four let’s go back to back if you want a $1,000,000 what do you think the other persons would spend on it so if I wanted running dollars what do you think I would spend on Aladdin moles or Cisco big that’s actually so true.
I would wear obviously got a farm good you would probably first get a.

Motorcycle few yeah and probably invested in houses you can flip yeah Tim what would you say.

Are happen for each what are some of my weird traits like something you wouldn’t expect for me like when.

You first met me and now you know me like what are some what was the biggest adventure of you two together a trip to the hospital well you guys know what workouts they both definitely enjoy would you do a workout video together we do.

Like similar basic things it up stuff like that but he does weightlifting and boxing and I do yoga well we finished completing thank you guys so much for watching I know it’s a little bit all over the place but you’re gonna go eat and we’ll see you guys later.