How To Access All Features In Dynamics 365 Business Central

Hi and thanks for watching it this video highlights how home pages in business central gives fast access to the tools we need every day while keeping all features close at hand we all do different things at the office depending on our role accountants crunch numbers project managers keep jobs on budget and sales managers monitor opportunities in the pipeline.

Home pages collect the tools we need to be efficient in our daily work here are some examples the business manager home page gathers activities and information that keep a business running smoothly sales and purchase documents payments that need.

Attention and balances are right up front the accountant homepage lets us monitor payments and approvals view finance performance charts and work with accounts receivable accounts payable bank transactions and more the sales and relationships home page helps us control our sales processes we can stay on top of ongoing opportunities send sales quotes to customers and contacts manage campaigns.
On sales in our pipeline the project manager home.

Overview of work and process on current projects and makes it easy to stay on budget we can set up jobs and plan tasks manage resources and purchase items and supplies activities and information are organized into business contexts activities are at the top and business analytics information is below the numbers on the tiles show key figures.
Can quickly decide whether to act for example we can see an.

Needs attention all home pages.

Have the same layout let’s check out the business manager homepage the tiles in the activity section go to daily tasks like processing orders or.

Invoices the charts offer up to date information that supports decisions if we need assistance we can choose product videos and getting started guide the get help and resources option on the business assistance menu displays help videos and assisted setup guides section headings let us make light customizations to the page for example we.

Can change the period that a chart shows information for or switch to another chart we can jump to other feature areas like purchasing or sales if we need to.

By using the navigation pane to return to the role Center we’ll choose the.

Company name but what if we have more than one role while home pages are just a start we.

Can access all features and financials by.

Searching for a page name and we can change to another role Center whenever we want to.

Use another homepage we’ll choose my settings in the top right corner and then the role center will have to sign in again to apply the change and that’s it thanks for.

Watching we hope this video has helped you get started working in your homepage in business central you.