Truck Accessories

Up and down Cosby China we got this beer for my junk that’s two-sided tape the only thing that was wrong with it but this does take right there we already got a two-sided tape and put it right there it’s not you we do turn I’m just nice phone right now oh he gets to turn wrong way that’s nice.

Just not checking in on them he was going to go out of town and see Tanya for Julio’s baptism say we’re not gonna be able to afford to go.

Cuz all the money it’s like so I insist we’re not gonna go with.

Chicken on the UH about that top down cuz she know it all he get his arm ten percent his pain because he was only there for ten years I.

Was at twenty percent twenty get twenty a few but they’re twenty years and then if you did 50 years I think you’re thirty years to get my past was him I don’t know these people when he it was.

Just hard to get up to 50 percent you know City changed her life and he’s passed through couple of years for his retirement they couldn’t have a lot of stuff so well it’s just glad to be smaller they’ll meet and it’s nice having him.

Home we enjoy the time together Here Come another truth let me see let me get on this side don’t wanna get it make way you make them gon get it now to the top on that truck just pull it in now in.

This van but this is how you do it I’m gonna say howdy howdy don’t forget to subscribe and I copy only beautiful people on the mix Vicki oh yeah I shot a deer they are alive but your girl lookin on this I’ll talk to.

You guys lean with you yeah.