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Let’s see very bad indeed when you see them coming it can become they can be so charming oh yes this is g foam anything are you better than this some of you don’t matter because I haven’t received any allowances okay okay so this is you trying to that first takes more money when I told you I’m going to.

Use it less today this is our first link yeah baby at least pay and this hundred thousand all my darling let’s handle my there is a coffin mangia hello hello this is the voice of chief for many fair oh darling buzzer so how are you today how is everything over there very fine Danielle’s I’m just.

Calling to let you know that I will be equal to MU in the next three days Wow good news I will be on you this time oh no sleep like a.

Baby okay darling are you two I was she um anything Amanda works a nice apartment for me oh yeah they say he’s coming to go to many mastering days anyway there we go you will start operations tomorrow night I want you to understand that 80% of whatever you make belongs to me Britain’s being one I am the one bringing the contacts sure I have to settle the police every.

Month 3 I am still accommodating and feeding you girls am i communicating yes good before that I will take you to the police station to meet the condition of police after which I will take you to the market to get.

Yourselves some new clothes some new clothes because you need to look presentable and sexy for dancing don’t worry I’ll handle that that’s okay.

It’s alright okay you got them going and charity behind I spoke.

With your mother this afternoon she sends her regards thank.

You so much thank you I I sent out the hundred thousand naira for her feeding hundred thousand thank you oh that’s a bunch sit down you’re embarrassing me see what I want you to understand is that I want your life and that’s of your mother.

Hmm relax phew free free yourself from whatever anxiety or what I write is nice troubling you trusts me you would definitely be grateful to me after you’re my sister hey if you want to live here with me forever that’s no problem you can’t stay here and you’re my sister it’s all right go inside and sleep tomorrow I’ll give you pocket.

Money yeah thank you thank you so much that job beep beep.

Jack Jack come back yes they’re not going to stay goodnight to your big sister good.

Night darling relax okay just us house you’re welcome young girls is that and what was that do please remind me again adversity faith Pharisee Hey because most ability was once again earn my daughter demons blessing oh mercy this one is charity charity don’t have you been donating to.

Charity I mean been donating to.

Less privileged the way the name is given to you yeah Jack Jack love’s out that dress Terry cheese all right you girls you don’t have any problem in this country right just about the normal businesses you are highly protected okay those take instructions from Mademoiselle and you won’t have any problems maybe you will give some stay outside let me finish talking okay wait for me at the.

Reception is naturally and DVD do lookout washes up in here hey fab just act and now please let me to the advantage of now I said well you see you watch other it’s trying to be very super big too much talk about something take a look at this he’s not going that man that.
Took that for to work with that was subject some.

Days ago that same very disease a beauty picture was captured they were seen together for my investigations for Abigail till that night whether are searching also matter will reach 50,000 nice position Radames don’t tell me that you are not aware of this case honestly I’m not that means I will have to continue please and no that’s not.

Right okay can you can it’s your evening today to get back to you on this issue please okay then I also need this picture you can have it because to.

You whatever I will have 50% of this share of that money that is if you want me to close the case in your favor Missy became a superkey everywhere my mother she lives just she’s not been happy.

Ever since we came back from the commissioner’s office I believe maybe something bad maybe have you tested your new dresses I wish I.

Had it nothing yeah I would have gone back to Nigeria I can’t subject myself to to shop all in the name of making money I just can’t I can’t even think of it I didn’t settle anything.

With ha I didn’t do you know she sends hundred thousand three hundred thousand era it’s in life I know she did that to buy.

My mind but it won’t work it cuts water charity time down if I can’t do this thing you can do.

It better than myself I raise some money and start up a new business if you go back to the village what I will start the castrato page a new business with money raised from this team they need to ask God for forgiveness it was even holding aroma from Brittany Chariton who are for business as wasn’t like that when she caught.

Us maybe she’s looking phenology to her language aliens has that me.

What she did was this Dundas coming straight from the police.

Commissioner’s office and you told me how you shut down Monday.

In the picture middle is $50,000 so you had a deal like these in your problems without letting me know about it for your information the police commissioner wants.

Money else you take of the case and.

As for the other fields represents other words are going to change you haven’t read more to get all of that ready come about our picture I don’t know remains pushing me to the wall most likely have permission all my endeavors echo this is extortion have a drink with me why think you can drink alcohol is good for your body you don’t want to drink I see canary plates -.

Maybe you want these streets Oh Toby what you take your watch I hope the percentages are complete yes contain yourself punishing prophetically the moon is ready okay I’ll come.

To your office okay empty chica you can gonna before I leave I want to get something straight for you tell me why I don’t have well to any personality I’d get aside from this what if I keep on limiting magnitude you from the person I dude I get for myself it was the agreement you had with me it’s never.

And you know that it Maps only forgetting – I’m not happy thank you beep don’t be – it guess who Oh Dino go ahead just arrived at the gate okay okay just.