Cotonou Hustlers 2 – 2018 Latest African Nigerian Nollywood Adventure Movies

Give me two minutes okay give me two minutes every day this week we do know you we get people yes No just relax Oh I feel.

Better already I feel refreshed now Oh baby hey I can’t swear.

Ah yes guess what what the man I slept with yesterday is a very nice man are you serious serious I really enjoyed his company in fact my was a drunk even the one I slept three nights.

Drunk you can imagine when we got to the hotel room he just does oh babe guess what I did what I just jumped.

Up went straight to ins forecast and went in search of money guess what I found dollars Darla yes can you take them why shouldn’t I oh you think I came to this town.

For child’s play oh you think I’m that girl that called herself charity that we chase to be holy why she’s evil how can she be able to convince me that matches that with the other day didn’t touch her if I was Brahma I was sold did I do anything won’t you did I believe it or not that man I went with did not touch me and I still maintain my standard normalcy my nakedness apart from my husband oh yeah charity I.

Don’t know what you’re trying to claim here you think you’re the wisest among us aware listen you’re the biggest fool I have ever cycle of planets before you can get to meet your talents you were already a prostitute for that matter I do not ashamed of yourself you a big very big business shall result for my trouble we’re wrong we work don’t look for my trouble charity gonna shame me wrong advise yourself ladies what’s up now did you succeed yes I.

Did all the information required is in the envelope so why.

Not we planning to strike well let’s say next week first of all we need to strategize and make sure everything is in place so that we can have an easy track well for.

Sometimes for you too but they all trained specially trained ex-policeman well you know what that’s not a problem we’re still gonna strategize make our plans on how to track them down when the others join us we’ll discuss older this is.

Your last opportunity make sure you behave yourself ethnic anyway you do not want to get into trouble with me enjoy behave yourself behave myself the other – is ready nope she’s like we can’t beat we go LarryBoy see them see them they’re so dangerous north of us and one righteous and they can do anything for.

Money and they can do everything for money everybody everybody when you see them coming they can become become be so charming well swap you mind.

If I show you our youthful soul my lucky day my name is Tamika my friends call me Emma container no no no no thank you for.

Editing your offer can I get you more drinks I’m fine for tonight okay hmm can you keep me company tonight or are you boots not yet yeah this is for billboards and you must be big I am a.

Big boy amorous okay but I’m gonna cost you for asking me that asking me dance for accepting my offer for agreed to go up with me on Saturday me in a.

Man Amy consonant we go now what you need not do you mean so why did you I beat sixty thousand seven to have you and you know you tell me you how long have you.