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Been here I assure you telling me the truth you’re telling me little touchy are still the vision you you’re.

Sure you’re telling me to do that you’re still engaging you leave now – ah any.

Container they can do anything for money and they can do everything for money Hey they steal until men.

Deceive very bad indeed hey hey they kill boosting.

– Oh fine fine Tokyo please vote in peony Emeka pseudonym hepatica personal buddha opreis want inhibitor to jostle to.

Keep a high energy hibari allows the pinnacle because wanna get big and I don’t have it what room laughing Molina ha my buddy please doc you recently in a game anyone what a mother thank you thank you thank you god bless you Oh my they can do anything for money everybody very bad indeed when you see them coming they can become they can be so charming when you see that Domino we kept people this kind of lifestyle as.

Always never ends well when Becky comes back tell her I was here and please do not forget I will remember um excuse me chica is anything the matter there’s something I would like to tell you can you please take me to your apartment she wants to come with me please I hope there’s no problem okay come with me I don’t know why I’m telling you.

Something tells me you can help me I can’t continue to stay here I need to go back to Nigeria charity.

Do you think is that easy to go back to Nigeria that is why I came to you remember those times since.

Congress will be used to be best of friends I do a lot of things for you including your assignments please what is that we do you want me to do for you I need some time I shall help from you so I can find my way back to Nigeria charity the real mayor cousin is a very heartless.

Person if I tell you what I went through in our hands you will not believe it the moment she.

She will kill you there’s something I would’ve told you but I’m afraid you might not give me the secrets please please tell me I promise to keep it a secret please it’s about the death of Angelica the least in.

Chica enough is enough I cannot go on using my body to make money for Roma I cannot what’s going on here Jamaica go outside and mix the man is waiting you how can you be so hard if.

And so became nanny papa corrupt from Abudu campaign or about an hour ago you you take that what do you think you’re doing Kyra told me she saw you fucking your things yes I am doing you and others.

Can stick and continue using your body to make money for aroma I am going I have told you to stop this thing that you’re doing I don’t think it will favor you hmm do I look like I care my dear I don’t care whether it favors me or not my mind is made up already you dick do.

You really meaning that you would tell our people what we do over here of course my day I will tell them everything without missing weights my aim is to expose aroma so that she will go on living our people that she’s helping their daughters maybe didn’t dare Kadesh was going back to Nigeria no she didn’t tell me actually saw her she dev – chika EBD we are.

It from I pray that it doesn’t go replicator so she said she won’t even day why isn’t a deck I’m asking both of you where isn’t Judaica she left some minutes ago.

She says she’s going back to.

Natural that girl was shiny hello fish that girl just left my apartment tickle Bono and Gigi with you yes sorry I’m sure she’s still very much around the corner alright okay no problem that was the last I saw my face the next day we were told she was not done by a hit-and-run driver and she died instantly we all knew that story was a lie I’m sure.

Those men was tough Kilda in order to stop her from going back to Nigeria could you mean today I was murdered some believable I told you this story in order for you to have a.

We think about your decision if I’m to.

Advise you I would want you to have a change of mind for your own safety I can.

Stay I really need to go back I have confidence that what didn’t happen to me I need is your financial oh please please okay if you insist but you must be very careful your cousin Ullman is it very hot less person what else do you want me to tell you that I pinched it is it is there any problem with that don’t you dare raise your voice at me again.

The understand don’t you dare and if you think I will not find out why you went to chicas house you’re making a very big mistake give me your handset if you tell what I said give me your handsets now don’t you ever try to get on my nest in this house because I.

Do not take any bullshit from you do you understand.

Rubbish what’s the problem you have to keep an eye on chica.

And charity I think cheetah has something up her sleeves but I will show her Thank You battery you check this car this come on I did sir what I try to do this thing please do it we departed Russia I thought with his thumb up once.

I open it up fish fish you should have killed a trainer we agree that the driver must be killed in the operation now you can see now.

Get myself out yes my problem is not the driver okay to drive s not a problem at all my concern is a BYOs body is cops that we left behind who shouldn’t have left that cops behind because the police might use it to trace us yeah that’s just my concern now that chief must not go free you must really yeah that one is very certain we have our scores to settle with him all right now Betty please as fast as you can you need to.

See the commissioner let’s see how he can.

Help us close this case immediately the police have a phobia investigation I trust the police commissioner yeah he gave me his words.

But those hoodlums must be apprehended as soon as possible god I thank you for sleeping my husband would only death succeeded in their plans God is wonderful indeed he is I.

See the new of their playing I don’t know did you tell anybody you were travelling why should I do a thing like that usual I did knocks you know to become a very dangerous the stage it’s just a coincidence yeah a very terrible thing my wife imagine the lady that I wanted to help punished we didn’t a.

Token of an eye before those miss grants that I shouldn’t about it was just like film I never knew got lovely this much so this is our abhi may we do overnight got home it alpha-beta my dear I am a child of God yes nothing very quickly called the Commissioner once again please when you call him and not pressure on him so that those umbrellas.

Will be apprehended immediately okay Commissioner I.

Want that case closed tell me what would it take yeah hello hello boss you.

On button jabber bein how has he been going very well there’s no problem right now the dead body of the Amur one has been dropped to the station I mean if commenced our investigations like I told you just relax your.

Them everything is under control thank you very much thank you so much like I said I will always keep in touch that’s okay that’s fine thank you very much all right there Oh Dave whoa that was cheap I see the Glee sound down.

Duty they are walking sounding good okay he’s really commissioner I don’t care what she don’t thanks I want to close this case that’s why I came to you so we can sort things out tell me what will I do are you still interested in kidnapping.

Dinner yes does the only way I can’t lose the case then we share around some 5050 Lucia tink people’s do you.

Remember that man I went with some nights ago mr. Williams oh the one that promised to help.

You right yes do you is an accident of our country let’s see rusty how did you know well he called me this morning just after Rama gave me my father we talked at length he told me so many things about himself even how.

He lost his wife two years after their wedding he said I should come and meet in unison but I will go Joey see why listen do you know this moment being offensive low so what we can you breach it from the hostile don’t.

You think so as for that one feet I’ve decided to take the bull by the horn you know you’re.

The only friend I have here there’s something I would like to tell you please I don’t want any other person to hear of it it means your overall action shows.

Your cupboard tell me what was charity doing in your house when I need to put.

Of you there oh sorry anything will you have at this at all yes just she wasn’t what’s the problem I was going to tell you something ball it’s like you’re busy I spoke with your mother not long ago I told are you.

That’s only keeping you here I’ve got to realize that I cannot force him to do what you do not want to do I apologize for what ever inconveniences this has cost you anyway since you’re supposed to take me back to the village no here it would consuming your business this is what I told your mother there are some subjects you need to make and wag for you to be able to stick of the course the school authority or fat you here so you’re going.

Home so rights to speak it’s typically chosen I don’t know she does Tanja tations until such a meticulous digital anything surprise such gets we can’t win but she.

Said that she has already informed – that I’m leaving you guys I’m going back to my G she just.

Said it real nice thank you hey what’s that evil people we can people might reverse Messing what this wanna kill to my house this early morning I hope all is well honestly sis I’m.

Gonna be myself for this gym about your daughter yes I suppose you can be something my house is Le Monde he do I look anything like your gym interpreter please only came for you to call your doctor for me so that I can speak to my daughter no more child ID.

Forget to call my daughter yes who is busy schooling to do what not watch our diabetes it’s like let me sit down mommy taught me and it’s dreams for you please go back to your house you will understand why I’m worried since you were to interpretation that come here do I look like in a dream interpret I’ve asked you that question Emily Jim bring Jim what do you.

Do when I should come mommy for a ten-year-old boy you should go so you don’t want to help me.

Out okay the let me speak outside let’s go people.

I said whoa whoa Dima let me repeat it one day you do where you’re they’re super for me to attain your mechanical element today what brought you to my.

Today I came to you because I know you’re friends with Surya please help me talk to her I don’t know what run captain to her she keeps attempting me from fields later she would expect returns from the ones I hosted on my own what exactly did she say is so fans don’t move.

Met charity in my house she was very angry doesn’t mean charity cannot visit me chica I want you to tell me the truth what is sure to visit your home she came to seek out my son super for me about words she told me she needed some financial assistance so that she could go back to Nigeria did you give it to her what you see you shouldn’t have don’t you first have one watch or the.

Order against ooyama does not mean that we should take our business for granted listen to me hello for selling this game together and if anything goes wrong.

For it you shouldn’t have gone I’m sorry about that is my asked but you wait to do I have my own grudge against of Yama because she doesn’t tell us shit about some of our deals but that doesn’t mean it’s it’s our business for granted people you plant this plant disease because I used.

My body to your customers we are going to wait for Satan to meet God dangerous I’ve come to the results sugar level is normal we have to cut down on carbohydrate intake take more opportunites and vegetables thank you very much doctor I must tell you I am really pleased with going on vacations keep it up thank you another you get it with red sauce I read.

What you said all right when you dial this ok ok yes yes yeah you even though what to define your side of it I guess when your response.

Is opposed in the ancestral spirit Accord anywhere there any way to have against me my ankle my guess is the time of Jesus.

Christ further in that double of conference in India there was stopped because you say that the Rotunda when there was the foreign one after Fernando you told me in Romans 8.

That time I’m not I am more than a conquerer my daughter is botany Quintero you’ve done the above Jesus Christ that you remember you or in isaiah 54:17 no weapon fashioned against of the prosper and it wanna me yesterday my men discovered a kidnapper said a.

So we’re in this time and consequent upon that we have.