Staged Reality Part 3 – "the Reset" Or So-called National Awakening… Starving Cover-stories…

Boy I personally think that it is very evident that our reality has been distorted twisted and manipulated by parasitic illusionist in such extended form scale that it is hard at this point even to understand when it all started when it all began let’s talk a bit more about staged series there is more winning into the events that were.

Taking place in the 19th century the more we uncover very relevant historical anomalies in the efficient narrative and timeline percent it was by the so-called educational institution strange late introduction of sanitation systems even basic sudden enormous.

Issues in waste management of series by the way we still your lack of sign of those waste issues in photograph of the same period plenty of booms in social problem although.

The city were pretty much the same size toward essentially all the lack of heating system in the main palaces and buildings of majestic series churches cathedrals in one of its amazing comments the channel we are led publishing who by the ways to me a magnificent and brilliant let’s call it climatologist underlying the fact that this retarded are.

Trying to make us believe that they were organizing social events in the middle of the sick Peters cold winter in palaces with issues in eating up the old rooms and historically.

Whining that they have to be counseled war a complete joke and just to continue.

Listing these historical anomalies of the 19th century we are totally desolate streets and squares in photograph of every major cities throughout the planet empty or very.

Low populated all the way to the 1860s lack of both traffic in important harbours rivers canals basically lifeless ports twelve Europe North American Russia all of these so-called anomalies.

Are clearly observable during the second half of the 18th but before starting to talk about the older if it condition that supposedly our others were experiencing in those times let me add one more piece to this puzzle called staged reality puzzle it obviously even if completed will never resemble the picture shown.

On its box it is with enormous honor they represented studies of two brilliant researchers they respect that I have for their investigations is beyond description let me proudly present you conspiracy are us hello everybody welcome back for another video today we’re going to be talking about foundlings and what a foundling is is just it’s basically an orphan an info an infant that has been abandoned by its parents and taken cared for by others so next what I’d like to do is talk about.

These foundlings in Victorian England and I found a nice little article here talking about the Victorian women forced to give up their babies most unmarried mothers 150 years ago.

2015 so that puts us 1865 range most unwanted fifty years ago had to hand over their babies to these foundling hospitals which in the middle of the nineteenth century took in and raised the babies.

Of fallen women in the 19th century foundlings children abandoned by their desperately poor typically unmarried mothers again are usually short usually shortly after birth own place in European society there were asylums in every major city to house abandoned babies by the eve of the Civil War so 1865 New York City in particular had an epidemic of foundlings on its hands due.

To the rapid and often interlinked phenomenon of urban development population growth emigration and mass poverty only then did the city’s leaders begin to worry about the welfare and future of it’s abandoned children so again this isn’t an issue until like 1865 they’re realizing oh man we.

Have all these kids so we’re gonna do so you have all this infrastructure everything’s you know all this infrastructure all these buildings but all of a sudden in 1865 all these foundlings all these abandoned children it’s all of a sudden it’s an issue and again I.

Think this is all a cover story to account for why you have all these kids are all being introduced into these cities so let’s take a look at what the heck were the orphan trains the orphan trains were a series of social service programs that relocated poor and homeless city children from 1854 to 1929 more than 200,000 children traveled by train from.

East Coast to seek new homes in nearly every state in the continental US so I’m starting to think this isn’t.

Just some random event this is just introducing all these kids into the new world so to speak and the timing again it’s just really interesting to me because you have all the photos of these empty cities in the 1850s so it’s very interesting.

Migration scheme founded by this person in 1869 under which more than a hundred thousand children.

Were sent from the UK to Australia Linden South Africa so all these Commonwealth countries here so so you’ve got massive amounts of children children being sent to the United States and then from New York being sent all over the place you have all these kids from yeah from the United Kingdom they’re being sent to shipped out to all these other places and again.

Just real interests and again in this timeframe and what I just like to do now is just point out there was this Irish Famine orphans in Canada thousands of children became orphans during the eighteen to forty seven Irish Famine migration to Canada it was nice to be called British North America children of the famine the number of children of child migrants who became orphan in.

1847 was unprecedented by the years and thousands of children had become orphans the exact number is hard to determine given that many were informally placed out and left no trace in record approximately nine out of every ten orphans were Catholic so you had all these orphans and there was no record of them they couldn’t be traced and I think this whole thing is a cover story to account for a.

Bunch of kids showing up now let’s take a look at abandoned children of Imperial Russia they established a couple of foundling homes in Moscow and st.

Petersburg and what I’d like to show you now is how it’s not to late 1800s where things really escalate to give a clear idea by the 1880s the Moscow home alone was receiving between sixteen and eighteen thousand infants annually and.

Sending over ten thousand of these each year to outlying district villages for care so it reaches a fever pitch in the 1880s in the Moscow foundling home and 1882 there were all.

Told 41,000 out links from the.

Moscow home living with 32,000 foster families scattered throughout 4,000 plus villages so they’re just like the United States they’re being shaming homes in the major cities in Moscow st. Petersburg and they’re being distributed to the rural areas and now let’s take a look at Italy infant abandonment.

In Italy throughout Catholic Europe infants were being abandoned in huge numbers in the 19th century deposited at foundling homes established for their care in France in the 1830s about 32,000 infants were abandoned per year in Spain and.

Portugal at this time about 15,000 each in 1887 over 20,000 babies were left at the foundling homes in st.

And Moscow alone by the middle of the century the number of infants left at Italy’s foundling home.

35,000 per year at the time Italy had over 1200 approved places at which newborns could be left why are there so many places for newborns to be left in the middle of the 1800s what like what’s going on and even Vienna the Vienna foundlings an orphans home between the Revolution of 1848 and 1868.

Around 30% of all children born in Vienna went into the Vienna foundlings home again mid 1800s there 30% unbelievable and just and just going back to the the children in the United States they were.

All put to work you had children handing out newspapers they had children working the mines working cotton mills in the southern states and factories of.

Course home workshops they’re.

Working the farms and I think this whole phenomena of these foundlings is a cover story to account for all these children being reintroduced.

To the to these cities and they’re being just from the major hubs and these cities are being deployed to the rural.

Areas and it’s an interesting rabbit hole for sure but I guess I’ll leave it here for now but until next time take care bye is it only me or all of these sound extremely creepy.

What is going on here conspiracy us is really a brilliant and elegant researcher his presentation are always.

Leaving my mouth open but I’m not going to comment yet this said foundling situation because to go deeper in this dark chapter of.

Our suppose history I will present you the studies of a magnificent researcher who has the gift to always surprise me with totally unexpected and mind-blowing.

Presentation he is actually the one that brought to our attention is fully creepy scenario let me proudly present you Martin Elliott so through me when these come up so first you get like all the people of Britain and of a certain age myself.

Are born in Victorian hospitals by by 50 okay but these were houses late that were filled with Islam even my local one so it seems to be a real big load of the men the fam creates it socially engineer yet so the work houses themselves if you survive one and all mud flutters people all of them so they’re all from an all the time after were children struggling hungry looking children they got a mince.

Of wonder in classrooms where they brainwashed them and that’s the people with money these ones so where are the parents of all these children people and why is there an abundance which I’m going to show you now blow your mind of these orphanages with houses but they will to death just a lot of kids with no parents wouldn’t you say now isn’t the official.

Narrative who says you know families had huge families eight kids kids each because the kids were dying on mass like because of the you know the you know the.

The life expectancy was so low at these periods by the NASA lights ooh so this is the pattern these places get built a long time ago they at some stage I like type prisons people hang around outside the warehouse this is the.

One in Dublin their food okay so they distribute food during the potato famine of 1840s we know what time this is survivor times outside of warehouses they are a big part of the story people look at that one a giant wall was that one 1838 the new workouts infirmary okay all of.

Them spoiling the same it’s in Wrexham Islington London South well every single town and they all the bloody same so there they are adding their way across to know the children one or two adults indoctrinating them and the rest are mentally ill in debtors prisons etc but there is one or two pictures this one and I thought alright there’s a lot of all people I thought hang on me.
The time period this is a 1980 in äj– so there’s a.

Better one down here I think that not one of these old men above 70 so if I was 1970 years before 1830 these were children these were 30 after the events or twenties after the events of 1811 through to where 1815 okay every what we think is a recent era Sheffield oh these all hospitals card Royal Infirmary of all of them which hold large amounts of children.
Then on to the mentally ill okay there are walls salmon’s yards and then.

They disappear okay died leaving Kings fill the cities the ones we see and then our great-grandparents I think oh they brought him from somewhere else or pond love prison good so if you ever kind of sorry how’s the correction or is a prison once with prison but at some stage a lot.

Of these prisons were actually warehouses clear camera but outside the bad guys Pentonville prison all these presents about flat throw it kind of the story and I thinking that they were like definitely more going on definitely this is getting creepier and creepier the entire industrial revolution was manpower mostly by kids I’ve first heard of this piece of.

The puzzle in the works of the channel food lock for Lee in which he was mentioned with the enormous use of children employed in the industries during the 19th century in one of his comment he wrote so once we know from where all of those kids came from we know from where.

We really are who we are what we are and how we are so from where did all of the children come from there is something deeply wrong in the official narrative present it was about the origins of all of those foundlings and I’m very grateful for the contributions Sir Martin Elliot and conspiracy eras have given.

To the full picture I can strongly recommend to follow their studies I have to play this thing by you to channel presenting their works and the links are in the descriptions but let’s continue the first observation is regarding the Russian situation with foundlings which started to get our proportion in a later time of the 19th century here they are clearly talking about 1880 s if we bring back our 1861 photograph of st.
Petersburg completely decimated we can just.

Another proof and even the kids issue had started as the waste management after those.

Photos were taken obviously leading us again to the conclusion that those.

Cities were populated overly populated in the late 1800 but after listening it.

Was a really remarkable presentation the number of foundlings orphanages were houses mental hospital totally out of place in those decades I have contacted the channel empowered by knowledge to have an idea of the situation for example in Spain and even if.

She couldn’t tell me much more than what conspiracy eras had pointed out in his research some 30,000 abandoned children per year between Spain and Portugal no comment she sent me an article about one particular province of Spain on the border.

With portable called Extremadura in the article they are mentioning the use of the word x+ for a socially accepted and regulated systematic abandon of children by their mothers it was so widely spread that at some point every city had a house of expositors where the mothers could abandon their kids without being seen by the people charged to basically connect them up why in the world everywhere more or less at the same time the children abandon exploded in such dimension where all of those kids were coming from that’s a very good question but certainly.

We know where they were going in the barrios indoctrination and religious abusing centers or so-called churches work houses mental hospital you name it so.

If we stop for a minute to examine the various pieces of the puzzle that we have connected until now we can start seriously speculating the some kind.

Over this or new beginning to place in those times but what helped actually restarted what helped again only began in those.

Years well a lot of answer are again contained in the so called history of diamond to.

Start I would like to point out the fact that Sir Martin.

Have highlighted brilliantly if you go look at picture from 1890s to 1900 in diamond you will barely find people around 50 years old forget about older.

I’m not saying that there aren’t any but we went through really a lot of old photograph for these videos and it is a very easy to.

Observe matter of fact that there are no old people around as you can appreciate for example on the screen obviously fitting in the.

Panorama of the huge number of.

Kids during the 1850s and 60s that we have researched but what is really incredible is that in other countries they were trying at least to make the situation foggy with lies and fake events but.

In Finland they didn’t even bother to hide that everything studied in those decades let’s stay for a few more seconds in the same context let’s talk about.

Foundlings in payment during the 19th century their situation is auto rific as everywhere else since the early decades of 1800 kids were sold as slaves to family who were willing to take them with the lowest monetary order they condition and the treatment of the young slaves are not.

Even ended just to mention a few example of the atrocious situation they were sleeping on the floor they were given very small amount of food working as maniac often beaten and they were not allowed to talk in this article.

For example they mentioned that the condition of poverty of those child slaves was so severe then due to the lack of simple shoes they had to here up their frozen feet with their own uri what is going on obviously as in the other countries the reason behind all of these foundlings are given to poverty and other various social problems you cannot really find a logical reason to account for this enormous number of kids appearing throughout Europe and other areas of the.

World and basically being slaved and indoctrinated on the screen we were articles and illustration presenting the use of young workers in mines around Europe but the foundling slave situation of Finnish.

People goes way back as we can read on this article titled Finnish children in the slave markets of Crimea the most prized of all varieties of slave.

However appear to app in children brought all the.

Way to the Crimea from the far north boys and girls were perhaps between 6 and 13 years old who had been sized in organized right on the Finnish district of Korea very interesting are.

The numbers given to us girls could be resold for 6666 Alton a markup in excess of not one hundred thousand percent but one hundred and thirty three thousand percent I wonder if the person that wrote this article had.

His hand even under his coat but let’s leave behind for the moment this creepy kid scenario and let’s start to put order in the Finnish timeline surprise surprise in 1860 started the so called national awakening what a coincident very match perfectly the timeframe of the cities being populated overly populated as visible in the many body whose photograph of that exact period but it can be only just a coincidence.

So what they are telling us.

Is that during this national awakening every kind of institution start to appear obviously all of the indoctrination and system started school and sport centers were used to educate young people in.

So-called discipline and order till 1874 when the public education took a step forward and started to organize a systematic education operation basically systematically burning washing it is on all very well documented another.

Interesting phenomenon that just happened to appear the same exact time is the surname system they are clearly telling us that people didn’t have finished surname.

Till 1850s then surprised churches and school teachers started to give surnames to the kids what a coincidence in eighteen fifties but.

Let’s continue looking for historical anomalies and connecting more dots in one of my previous videos I’ve mentioned the strange lack of old graves I’ve been researching this issue for quite a while and let’s find out that.

Which day the old graves are pointing out it is at least interesting in the case of peanut that visiting the body so-called old cemeteries in fact they all belong in the 20th century.

You can find big number of grave markers starting from surprise dating for his activities there is certainly impressively large the increasing number after that decade but in any case all of.

The graves are from the 20th century and very rarely and questionable before that age let’s set an observation the names of the deceased private wedding forest a share coincidentally strangely way too many similarities in the same small town cemetery you can find two or three and/or Eric.

Or Henrik even belonging to two or.

Three decades of difference in the odds of.

Having only few begin of eighteen hundred names on graves open over five or six of them you have take carolinas to me it is a priest fishing but let’s.

Stop speculating and go and call straight responsible for the listing of the disease didn’t feel that that will tell us what is going on on the screen at this moment you have the Genealogical Society of Finland official website that tells us graves are sometimes destroyed by parish authorities because of economic reasons cool let’s continue many of the old graves had food and grave markers which had disappeared because of natural causes now let’s stop thinking.

For a minute would you put a food market on top of.

Your deceased loved one knowing that winter after winter will be covered by meters of snow melting and rotten in the market even for a dog we would put a.

Stone to keep his memory alive having trouble digesting the food markers nonsense I will.

Go look for answers straight to the stone grave markers creators who are telling us that 18:22 people.

Who were wealthy were buried under the church’s floor to have their limestone markers visible and present in their memories they obviously talked about stones not food markers and in any other article mentioning the studying of the use of cemeteries around the churches in early 1800.

There are not mention of the use of good markers because it’s not logic to put food in the snow in memory of your family members burial but there is.

A reason behind the missing proof of the appearance and lack of old graves in Finland because just by coincidence most of the oldest cemeteries have been destroyed and relocated before 1890s war a surprise to give you more evidence.

In one of my previous videos had presented you the research of Agriculture is a Shia the North Channel brought history to my attention he was pointing out.

That examining the dates of.

Note graves in Zagreb capital of the beautiful Croatia.

He could not find any older date than the 19th century what people they were not dying before then suddenly while excavating for gas pipes or water systems they uncovered old graves everyone in Europe buried under 8 or 10 meters of dirt or mud but who would escalate such.

A month on earth to burning bodies this old story of all cemeteries is very for.

Me but we will talk more about the strange lack of old graves in the future therefore I encourage the viewer to share info on.

This topic but let’s continue we were at the national awakening of 1860s the achievement of the period were not only related to.