Staged Reality Part 3 – "the Reset" Or So-called National Awakening… Starving Cover-stories…

Social development but obviously infrastructure of every kind start to pop up.

Everywhere as well roads canals in a way wheel system coincidentally all studying at the same time.

In 1860 let’s start with the rainy ways as we can see on this illustration one of the first railway lines built around 1862 was connecting the city of Haman Dina and essa key to. Peters do you remember in the video of conspiracy Russ when he was mentioning the distribution technique used to spread all those kids from Moscow st.

Rural areas well I wonder if the first train way connecting the city was used for the distribution of those children toward Finland on top of other possible repopulation uses that they could have with it but I’m just speculating but being already on the path let’s talk.

A bit about the railways so-called construction in those years do you remember in the previous part of this video when I showed you an amazing work of translation from Philip Andrews evening he was pointing out with his images that in Russia many railways were dug out and evidently not built as you can clearly see the work of digging is very ended.

And in all of these other photographers Siberia belonging to around 1890s we cannot.

Really see any substantial proof of any train line construction works but more restoring the previous system but it looks like it’s not only a Russian balloon on.

The screen at this moment we can appreciate some old photographs from various location in Italy and as we can see again more than constructing tunnels and railways looks like they are restoring the previous damage or like in this case mud flooded railway lines but I will talk more about trains in another part of this video because I’m waiting to see some documents about the supposed construction of one of the most important train station in Europe let’s go back to the National awakened so railways were.

Starting their breakthrough we will talk in a moment about who was building them and why but just to create a bit more slavery jobs why not creating a canal the stretch for thousands of kilometers connecting the city of La Miranda with Saint Petersburg.

It is called the cyma canal the official narrative of its construction is pure nonsense without even mentioning that it’s an insult to the human mind on the screen you can appreciate some images showing this enormous work of masonry please just look at the embankments or the.

Deepness without even mentioned the length stretching through swamp hills and what they are trying to tell us is that in 1845 the construction.

Started and in 1856 eleven years later it was magically open to the public Warren absolute hopes just.

Look at the countless blocks that are part of the canals walls or embankment and by the way supposedly at the same time Finland was sending gigantic modern monolithic columns to st. Petersburg by barges enormous countless blocks for the embankments of the Russian canals and bases of buildings and palaces the body was illustration shown on the screen as giving us an idea of the proportion of the fairytales.