Staged Reality Part 3 – "the Reset" Or So-called National Awakening… Starving Cover-stories…

Printed in our history books but let’s now talk about who’s behind the construction of all of those railways and canals and why they were willingly participating in.

It it was all part of an enormous slavery process conducted mainly by foundings homeless landless every kind of poor or beggars in exchange for food they were basically working till death now before getting to talk about the reasons behind an enormous food crisis or famine in the late 1860’s that brought this food slavery chain to blow our proportion I will just add couple of.

Observation regarding road systems which were also rapid rapidly increasing in those decades I will bring back again the work of translation done by pinnate Andrew scheming in it it was showing this road connecting.

Curved Russia to the Latin Latvian capital areeda as you can clearly see the last section that are completely straight I mean unhuman straight here we have another example of.

A totally straight road stretching for thousands of kilometers.

Well what I did few weeks ago was going to see that world personally and take my own conclusion it is exactly like you see it on the maps completely straight as you can clearly see the line that has been supposedly out cut to the forest and at 4:00 in the road surface is at least the double or at places the rival of the size that it is but it is in use the world and the electric poles on the side of it are carrying maximum two or three cables.

Obviously showing us that there is no need for such large forests clean up for the old lines the idea that somebody would cut double or try to the size of forest by the way magnetically straight what about hills swamps nothing completely straight needed.

For a road then taking off all of the tree stumps for thousands or hundred of kilometer for nothing is dementia nobody would do that it’s a total waste of time space and money but this old straight road system effect obviously or subpoena but let’s not talk about the south of the country obviously much more developed but the northern desolated length of the planet as we can clearly observe the.

Normal daily roads are following the terrain and they are visibly full of curves like it should be in a.

Giant swampy area as the finnish arctic but these roads are totally and completely straight this one in particular is clearly crossing swamps heels legs I mean find me a boot cutter that can tell you the return to the same going perfectly straight on swamps without even mentioning that it doesn’t make any sense to do so and what about this gigantic forest cleaning can you see those enormous rectangular field nothing round them what are they who.

Made them but we will see tones of lines and canals in the next part of this video therefore let’s have a look at airports again I will use the Magnificent work of translation from Sir Philip the link is in the description in this video we can appreciate the famous London Airport of Cambria I think that everybody knows about its mysterious origins nobody really built it even in old British documents there are mentions of it being a restored but not built the old runway.