Staged Reality Part 3 – "the Reset" Or So-called National Awakening… Starving Cover-stories…

Is much longer than what has been fixed and it is very well known that under the new asphalt the old airport was made of some kind of giant stone blocks but in the same videos of the was pointing out that.

That’s not the only case here we can appreciate another airport restored in smaller session compared to the real old enormous one it is located in the g-code company’s Peninsula Russia can you see that long straight canal on top of the structure keep it in mind but let’s go back to my recent expedition in the Baltic lands out of the city of near paya located on the coast of the amazing country of Latvia we can appreciate a small airport.

Do I have to comment the fact that it is evidently built on a much bigger and older place but what is really interesting is that again close to it with the cities straight canals but as I said we will get bored of canals and all earth lines in the next part of this video.

I think that at this point we are going way too far from our our daily lies topic which is a researching the historical.

Period called the national awakening or as I would call it the reset here is when everything got out of control starting already in the late 1850s one of the.

Famine in Europe affected the Finnish soul society on the screen we can appreciate at least of them clearly highlighting with the Irish one which recurrent a few.

Decades earlier the timing of Finland as one of the strongest in Europe during the 19th century killing 15% of the entire population so let’s have a look at this historical event nothing makes any sense they are telling us that the food problem began already in the.

But at the same time the national awakening has started I’m confused which kind of awakening can have a starving society they were increasingly getting hungry but they were building every kind of a normal structure like the one on the screen they are telling us that the railway system is dedicated to the memory of the Great Famine of 1866 67 and 68 in fact though those are the official dates of it during our control but the main.

Railway lines were built several years earlier or several years late but let’s go in this.

Event what created the famine was potato and carrot harvest the grain production was much lower than the average of the period and the placing weather was affecting the importation from other countries let’s.

Start with the lack of food do you know why I live in Finland because I know that whatever dark could happen with humans I can work in this viral forest and survive I wrote a very clear yet the process of smoking meat or fish for its conservation also because I almost don’t need meat but I.

Had learned plenty of tricks to build a sustainable environment on the screen er contemplating the enormous variety of food.

Sources that this land can offer in the topic why awareness so what about the Sami tribes they are considered they only left let’s call it wild society in Europe they live in the entire article Isham of the Finnish and Swedish Lapland all over the Kola Peninsula and thousand square kilometer of the Russian forests these amazing tribes I had the honor in.