Staged Reality Part 3 – "the Reset" Or So-called National Awakening… Starving Cover-stories…

My life too many months in their territories can survive almost anything nature and the spirit of the wrens give them everything how come they can survive in the wilderness and I know those and so Finnish people that if you leave them in the woods they come out selling rust to.

The reindeers and the 15 percent of the entire population of.

Finland died of starvation in 3 years by the way on the screen you have a graphic of the age specific mortality rates during the famine interesting that no kids were dying do you remember the condition the kids were experiencing in those times I wonder if this old family story had anything to do with justifying the enormous amount of kids in those decades and I.

Can tell you that I’ve been looking deep looking deeply.

Into it with the help of finished researcher they were baffled to see so much nonsense speculation on how it actually could have happened they are telling us that Finnish people were not fishing in the eggs until after the family and they were even saying that the current make holes in the iced fish give me.

A break these guys they could cut gigantic monolithic blocks transport them for kilometres carve them in the largest monolithic columns in the world and by the.

Way several decades earlier and they had problem making holes in the ice to fish war an absolute hose should I continue let’s talk about mushroom in Finland there are 2,000 species of mushroom I can tell you it’s mushroom of these 2500 at.

Our interval and a large part of them are highly product so how come they were starving in almost ember.

October without even mentioning that you can dry them but I know the answer in those year the winter was so severe that mushroom didn’t grow I found it very hard to believe to put the enormous quantity of them scattering every different kind of Nordic environment.

There is one peer colder or sunnier no mushroom at all.

And what about Chad a mushroom.

That superfood it grows on trees despite the weather what they didn’t have the food to boil the water and extracting the properties I’m not saying that you can live.

On your child but it is a very window supplement for a rich diet but the answer is in the history books because Finnish people don’t eat mushroom I’m not joking.

They were introduced to the use of mushroom food source during the famine I can’t continue I can go on for an hour giving you prove that the Finnish panic narrative is a set or.

A rhythmic cover story because between endless slaves national awakening and offensive famines historians live on design the most important result of all of those decades of supposed suffering Finland ended up in the hand of the Rothschild family whom with law came to rescue Finland’s people from the famine borrowing six.

Million from his own pocket war a sweetheart from that moment on the entire economy food chain was under their control I personally think that it could have invented much less twisted lies to put in the history books that Tina was completely owned by parasitic bloodlines but if we look at the full picture they are not even trying to hide that in 1874 started a systematic education operation and at the same time Rothschild.

Banks were taking over the entire economy in food chain to me looks like that the national awakening of Finland was in reality the.

Beginning of a project called clean lab the.

Old concept of the timing is printed in our history books for the only borders of making us accept the condition of slavery that we are evidently experiencing in our days making us think that it has always been like that that our ancestor was submitting and accepting slavery in.

Exchange for food by the way Naruto’s images from 1850s and 60s pinda do.

See any sign of one of the strongest panning.

In Europe but let’s turn page and continue researching historical anomalies during the 19th century let’s have a look at forest ages.

This piece of the puzzle is a strong evidence something deeply important.

And open in the first half of 1800 and I’ve chosen this particular topic to start introducing the next part of this video which will be entirely dedicated to research the catastrophic event that obviously took place at.

The begin of the 19th century but let’s move to the Baltic countries I have personally visited in multiple occasion most of the Lithuanian and Latvian national parks and trust me there is a lot going on in.

Those amazing natural environments as we can read on the screen in the twinness 5 national parks are representative of the country heritage history and diverse natural landscape providing refuge to endanger plant species 200 years old trees foxes rose and numerous bird species as we can clearly read the oldest forest and trees of the 20th belong to the first half of the 1800 what a coincidence but let’s have a look at Latvia the wintry forest park for example tells us that it has.

200 years old pine groves surrounding the park again the same situation the oldest forest trees are telling us that something obviously took place in the first half of the 1800 but let’s have a look at Finland as we can read.

On the screen the oldest trees are around 150 200 years old I’m not saying that there aren’t older trees but they are found only on islands or strange areas that create some natural protection around them as we can.

Appreciate on this parasol photograph of pinions forests shot by our iconic geologist and movie director sir thrusters and mostly belonging to the last decade of 1800 the age of the trees is very young you cannot find any picture of those times shall we sign of old Wild Oats but the strange lack of of old forests does not interest only the era the Baltic countries were Finland as we can read on this article from the website stolen Estonia dot-org highly.

Recommended there’s a link in the description too there are remarkable works apparently the age of the Siberian forest is.

To be around or under 200 years the lifetime of the civilian pine college up to eight hundred and fifteen years there are plenty.

Of other trees out there whose life span five hundred to six.

Hundred years yet the Siberian forests are estimated to be approximately two hundred years old.