Staged Reality Part 3 – "the Reset" Or So-called National Awakening… Starving Cover-stories…

This world 200 years ago the we cannot remember some enormous event took place at the beginning of the 19th century and the tourists are just giving us more proof of it on the screen we can appreciate some total are taken in the first decade of 1900 showing the epicenter of the Siberian to.

Musica event the channel conspiracy Arras has covered this topic in great details and you can find his video.

Also in a playlist on my youtube channel obviously the age of.

The trees in Tosa remote Russian areas is again visibly very.

Young and in all of these other photograph belong to more and less to the same period we can contemplate again the talk and total lack of aged forests throughout the vast siberian dance all of those trees are pointing at the first decade of 1800 but let’s continue just to make this already creepy.

Presentation a bit darker I will add an observation can you see these blackhat figures that are appearing on barriers to miss change all the photograph of.

Finnish worries well those to me parasitic people are all over the places in the 1800 pictures taking stone cutting techniques stage in the use of mining site to fit in their historical houses in fact as we can clearly see nobody’s working they are just posing for the camera however of course it was Sunday but you can also see them controlling or slavering those funding that we were.

Image I think is from Britain these black hat people looks like the earth the directors of the barrios orchestras till we can see them staging the.

So-called construction of the theatre of Zagreb capital of Croatia in 1890 it is very evident in these photos that nobody’s building anything maybe fixing.

But the entire scenario is clearly a complete the other but let’s continue talking about buildings mention another creepy masonry achievement of the era on the screen at this.

Moment you can appreciate some total of various mention there are located a bit everywhere.

Again 12 the Baltic countries of Latvia and Lithuania the reasons why I keep focusing on this particular lens will become more transparent along with the various presentation as we can clearly observe they all share the.

Same issues with the ground level let’s call them mud throughout it but we will talk extensively about it in the endless next part of this video for the moment let’s bring bring out few aspects of them they.

Are all made with the same small red bricks everywhere all of the main buildings over every town train station sitios they are all made of those red bricks as we can clearly see in these images those buildings have plaster on them every kind of fancy decoration they were plastering.

The bases and made them look like big stone blocks horizontally lined up on top of each others at the edges of the building or entrances they were plastering fake columns looking decorations they were let’s say making them look like they were for rich selected people but.

The reality is that they were all made of this simple quality red breaks then supposedly were money ethically produced during the entire industrial revolution also churches were built in the same poor style small bricks with some fancy decoration even there if we bring back the fact that many of those churches and mansions heating system were added in a later moment so originally they were designed for winter conditions and we add to that despite plastering of ornaments we could start speculating to.

Those structures were used for some other purposes than just living and.

Pray and I think there are a few ideas of which kind of artifacts and.

Art could have been hidden in them for let’s say future manipulation of Easter I can strongly recommend the video from conspiracy us about the Gilded Age mansion which covers the species presence.

North America and what’s contained in them just to add an observation these are some of the symbols that are scattered around those buildings you can find those.

Symbols basically all over Latvian it when you and talking about occult messages to you remember this 1860s.

Photograph of Elsa key that I presented you in the previous parts of this video I wonder if the letters post against the walls have some kind of meaning like a signature that the picture is staged but let’s go back to our red brick structures what I found interesting about those mention in.

The 20th by the way just look at the dimension of those buildings is that they are connected with each other by kilometres and kilometres of manmade manmade underground tunnels that in our days are floating.

Variables question in my mind why did they make them how did they escalate them when did they do that what were they hiding down there the full picture is.

Very obscure to me but what if those tunnels were created for what if they were useless but I know the answer this guy’s totally flipping out how come somebody.

Built endless tunnel system for nothing what a joke really a channel of a subscriber which I would like to call friend due to the enormous contribution that he is giving to this project send me some articles about the construction of a.

Really dark structure belonging to the 19th century sir Zynga Dan was pointing at the Williamson tumblers of the city of Liverpool England apparently is Joseph Williams between 1810 and 1840 started building some countless miles of tunnels under the city streets for seemingly no purposes after becoming extremely wealth with the tobacco business Williamson got interested in one particular Road named Mason Street in which he started to build mention with the an extra basement I call them mud.

Floated but let’s go team after the constructing volitans mansion he decided to start this enormous seemingly useless series of tunnel with the purpose of giving work.

To the large number of unemployed after the Napoleon Wars so what they are telling us is that supposedly he was digging gigantic tunnels holes and cavities for the only.

Reason of killing jobs to the people does it make any sense to you it’s the same story as the finland’s go station that I presented you in the first part of this video they are building some 200 kilometer of totally useless meaningless tunnels under the street capital is it only me or all of these sounds we say by the way on this picture.