Staged Reality Part 3 – "the Reset" Or So-called National Awakening… Starving Cover-stories…

We can see again those black head people posing for data but if we start looking at the full picture there are actually seemingly totally useless tunnels under every city in the world well.

I think I will leave this presentation here because it is really starting to collect me out but before I will read you one amazing comment then an awesome subscriber posted under the previous thanks for.

Watching and listening they love and respect them for all of you my family is beyond madam Sevilla wrote actually there are tunnels under every major city in the world they begin at Alton near Mont airman and they were used to hide their evil activities Birla’s catacomb and to travel an internet in Kiev the.

Russian Orthodox Church sealed of the entrance to their segment of it because people would go in our curiosity and never been seen again sometimes there.

Were reports of people screaming but those people would never come out again one person reported that he gone down down there on an official tour before the church seal it off and he said it was extremely slimy and dark of course but he saw thousand of skulls clean and polish lining the walls from floor to ceiling they were told that cannibals lived up there descended of the Canaanites were descended from the following angels who.

Made with the cannonade women and produced the Giants.