The Sims 4: Baldi's Basics In Education And Learning (cas, School Build, 7/7 Notebooks)

Welcome to ball ease basics and education and learning that’s me hey guys and welcome to ball these basics in ed oh I mean the sims for ball these basics theme first off this is not going to be a regular sim series as of now this is just gonna be a one-off video on my channel just because I want.

It to make the characters and play around with them and make the school but that’s really it I think I’d get bored quickly of trying to do baldie in the sameness for an extended period so as of now just this one fun episode but who knows.

Maybe I’ll add in one or two more depending if I come up with more ideas but here’s Baldy oh hi brought to us by the wonderful stutter.

Guy as always and actually I saw him make this model and that’s what prompted the idea for this video now baldies aspiration is education which is actually a modded aspiration added in from the school mod and he wants to be a renowned teacher welcome to my schoolhouse and he is a genius one plus one equals two clearly he is.

Ambitious no it’s time for everybody’s favorite subject math because he just wants everybody to be good at math and lastly he is definitely hot-headed because he.

Becomes angry and murdery when people just get one question wrong all right here is Baldy and now moving on to the other characters this next one is playtime whoo I’m gonna make a child obviously and let’s see how closely I can try to make her all right and here is playtime so I gave her this hair that.

It looks like it’s all over the place just like her scribble hair and then I gave her these black eyes to simulate one that her vision is bad and two the scribbled out eyes that she has this was the only cute red dress I could find I couldn’t find like a long-sleeve one for one that was plain red so it’s close enough and I gave her these like blue pant legging things she’s wearing and the brown shoes and she is definitely a motor wants to play and she is active for sure.

Cuz all she wants to do is jump rope right next character principle of the thing is this character’s name alright let’s make the principal no running in the halls alright and here is the principal as good as I could get him I mean the photo they.

Used is a pretty plain guy like no real distinguishing features good enough I made his face kind of like droopy and were like looking like he’s half-asleep because every time he says stuff he’s like.

Detention for you when will.

You learn when will you so he’s like super like man and I tried to make his face look like that so.

None of these aspirations really go with him I wanted to say something like justice.

Or I don’t know detention for you so I guess I’ll just say leader being that he’s the principal so he’s the leader of the school I’ll say he’s a perfectionist because nobody can do anything wrong even slightly no stabbing people with pencils in the halls I’ll say he’s ambitious no escaping detention in the halls your parents will hear about this one all right.

Next up we have got a suite and this seems you’d be interesting to make all right and here he’s got a sweep I don’t know what I’m doing I don’t know.

You know the Mohawk symbolizes like the broom on the bottom you know but but it’s on his top I literally just made a human version of a of a per room I don’t regret I mean there’s no aspiration for being clean I’ll just say he wants to collect everything because he kind of does that got a stream we’re gonna say meet he’s a collector he’s confident next is it’s a bully who actually.

Is a kid because I mean it’s the school bully it’s obviously a kid that goes there he’s just a giant round orange so I don’t know exactly how to do this give me something great you know what yep this is happening he’s just a giant orange bear plus he looks intimidating now he’s a.

Bully and also I mean his face is all distorted in the photo so like I don’t even know how to make that this is easy I’ll say he’s a rambunctious scamp no items no pad see the bully and he steals things I’m gonna take your cane all right next up is arts and crafts errs again don’t know exactly how I’m gonna make this guy cuz it’s not even a guy it’s.

Just a sock puppet with googly eyes all right here is sock puppet aka arts-and-crafts errs I tried to make him as bland and white as possible and then just have his eyes be big and bulging perfect I’m gonna say he’s a curator too because he wants all the notebooks he wants more than the protag I’m also gonna say he’s a loner jealous because.

He gets jealous when the protec has more notebooks than and the last character to be added is the newest character that was added which is first prize I’m coming here I come I am looking I have here his first prize dude there was no like teal color like he has with a box around him so I did the red of the heart and just made him a robot like he is a little round head his aspiration.

Is gonna be friend of the world cuz he just wants to hug everybody I hug maybe he’s gonna be a bro cuz he loves to get bro hug he’s good cuz he just wants to hug I think that’s everybody but of course I have to add in the protagonist who of course is me cuz I’d be playing the game.

But as a kid like it’s little me and this is my outfit because it’s adorable don’t mind that I don’t have any pants on I guess it’s like a dress yeah but yeah it’s me as a little kid.

Yay and I’ll say I’m creative and good cuz I’m going back to school to get notebooks.

From a friend alright guys are you ready to see my baldies basics cool speed build but you better be because it took me four and a.

Half freaking hours to make all of the custom content you’re about to see that was in the school building I made myself for the first time in a series and then I took the time to play the regular Baldy game while building this law just to make sure that the build was.

A spot-on as possible so is literally like a map.

Of the regular game prepare yourselves for the speed build and the tour all right guys you ready for this tour here we go oh my god it’s Baldy oh hi welcome to my schoolhouse so just like the start of the regular game here you are with Baldy I.
Even put the little exit detailing on the doors and.

The exact walls from the game just not the floor or the ceiling.

Bad Baldy we got the school rules on the side we even got the doors don’t mind that the doorknobs are on opposite sides and if.