The Sims 4: Baldi's Basics In Education And Learning (cas, School Build, 7/7 Notebooks)

You go through this one oh my god it’s the first room and oh it’s the first notebook so you could take that notebook look even the chalkboards are the same then you go back through here and you grab your quarter from Baldy then you go into this one and again another chalkboard and another notebook I’m gonna.

Out and then you know baldies is evil and on a rampage if we go to the right we have some brilliant red lockers just like in the.

Game and then to the left through this door we have got a sweep so we have this bucket from the five bits of Freddy series I did and then I put got a sweep in here until he’s ready to come out down here we have that window that.

Looks in through the one faculty room but you can’t get to it yet and then if you go this way this is a little wonky because of sizing but it’s uh it’s still pretty on point trust me I spent four and a half hours making this then if you come over here the only thing missing is there supposed to be windows here but.

You come in here and wow look at this dedication and attention to detail here’s the principal hanging out in the principal’s office and here is all of the descriptions of all of the characters the two posters behind him and then some globes all over we got everybody then if you come back out and.

Go this way there’s another notebook in a classroom there’s one of the windows to see into the principal’s office and right across from.

It is the starting door where Baldy is this way oh my god a school faculty only room today’s lesson how to eat cheese.

So this is that weird double school faculty room come out over here and I’m already lost oh yeah this is back in the beginning so back in.

The beginning if you took the left instead it came through this way oh look it’s the bully at the end of the hallway go down.

This way this is seriously so cool so glad I spent so much time on it if you make a right here we have the lockers and we.

Have the soda machine look at that detail keep going down school faculty only oh and we’re back by the principal’s office let’s go this way.
This way here’s this long hallway with another notebook.

And the poster and the bully and then down here is another notebook room and let’s plays in here and.

Then down this hallway this is.

The cell phone that you see and then the little cell phone poster and then if you make a left oh it’s the cafeteria where the sock puppet guy is or arts and crackers then there’s the please remember to recycle your food posters I threw in some.

Bathrooms so the original outline of this building which really helped speed the process along but I had to modify it a lot as you saw I’ll let you know where you can find the original that I worked off of but the original.

I was like oh that’s smart I should probably keep these so that my Sims can actually go to the bathroom somewhere so there’s bathrooms even though they’re not in the regular game come out here and there’s a faculty room that way and then you cook this way and there’s even this post I literally walked through this game as I was creating this room by room in a hallway by a hallway to try and make it as exact to the game as possible here’s.

Another notebook room it’s even got a different chalkboard Doug dab again and pay then over here we got another school faculty only room and then I think we’re back at the beginning so this was the original I worked off of by melody pen true life but as you can see it is nowhere near as detailed or as exact as mine but I appreciate the outline and.

Yeah here it is from above I’m just so proud of myself guys I hope you guys are proud of me make sure to leave a like on this video please I spent so much time on this please I do plan to put it up on the community tab just because I spend so much time on it I.

Want other people to enjoy it if they would like but the majority of the build is all custom content which I need to get up and I’m trying to.

Put together my website of all my sins CC which if it’s all set up by the time this video goes out it’ll be in the description below otherwise it’ll say coming soon and you could check back oh.

I forgot about the special room so I think I showed everything except for this green special door now I know that there’s a special ending in the game where you get to go to ball T’s office and when I was building there was this empty space between hallways and I didn’t it didn’t seem like there was a room there anything I think it was just a little the sizing is a bit off.

In baldies office which is just the desk and the chair and the background.

But yeah that’s everything and I know the majority of this video was taken up by creating everything which is the most fun part anyway but let’s see if we could get little Lauren to go through and collect seven notebooks just like in the game.

So you can see there’s one two three Seve all right kid me is walking in ah yep baldy baldy saying hello just like in the game he’s gonna talk to me about you know school and math and whatnot welcome to my schoolhouse all right Lauren come collect this first notebook yes it’s giant no no collect it okay I collected it I guess I went back to Baldy said give me my.

Quarter thank you Baldy you did great get your prize a shiny quarter all right now let’s take the second book can’t really answer math problems in the.

Sim so where you going buddy keep going back out the Baldy it’s gonna be he’s gonna be mad don’t show him little Lauren no look he’s uncomfortable all right now we gotta.

Try and stay away from Baldy we got to get the rest of the notebooks but I’m gonna try not to look from above because that’s cheating all right let’s go here all right should we go left or right let’s go right ooh I.

Know there’s one in here up let’s plays in here though we gotta play play is playing I’m so cute why did your hair turn white girl it’s supposed to be black well pretend it’s black supposed to be black right now say goodbye make it go away okay saying goodbye call alright go grab grab the notebook grab it yes got three out of seven all right let’s can’t.

Really use the phone let’s go into the.