The Sims 4: Baldi's Basics In Education And Learning (cas, School Build, 7/7 Notebooks)

Something great crap we got to give him something he’s making a mess I know let’s use the quarter to get orange juice it’s the closest thing to soda I can think of but way.

Healthier wow that’s a that’s a pretty unique soda dispense it no no no go drink it you got.

To give it to the bully drop it Lauren Lauren drop it here we go here well put it as an offering there.

We go yeah he took it like he loves it he loves it we can pass Oh Oh God Baldy Oh did they just come in here I don’t know Lauren get out of here get out of here yeah oh okay he’s gone he’s gone he’s gone we passed by let’s play we gotta play okay we’re playing we’re playing oh no its first price quickly.

Before Baldy comes back out come on hug me thank you okay yes yes yes okay these are two rooms with notebooks all right what do you got four we have.

Four and then a schoolbook don’t here let’s put this school book up there so we don’t get confused we have four and then there’s.

One right over here just come take that one yes we have five can we go in this room oh god no it’s the sweep room oh and no that’s the principal’s office let’s go this way faculty let’s go.

Through these doors yes fine huh me go this way quickly stop.

First price okay yes good an inventory oh my god I think we only need to get one more it was six okay where’s the last one I’m trying not to look at an overview ah we definitely won in.

That room oh there it is all right let’s see if I can get there without running into anybody all right yes we got all seven books now let’s get out of here Oh God Oh.

No let’s get we gotta get rabid come over here go here quickly go past them no you’re lucky this isn’t the regular game no running in the halls crap.

The principal found us running in the hallway no no no no 50 max brought me to the principal’s office all right Lauren wait ten seconds and then we bolt for the door we have all seven notebooks let’s play what are you doing in here well I guess we ran out to play with her too before we leave.

Sock puppet oh no we have seven notebooks.

With boldi guy there is come on Lauren come on Lauren oh no Lauren go go go go go go Wow we just made it screw you Baldy I win he Sue’s me well that was fun and I got all seven dope oh god where’d they go away coming for Jory I got.

All seven notebooks I was about to cry alright and that’s pretty much both these basics in The Sims 4 and I’m still mad about the principal bringing me to the attention at the last second but yeah that was a lot of fun and of course I just love creating other games in the Sims so even though it took a lot of time effort and energy hopefully it paid off because you guys enjoyed it as much.

As I enjoyed spending the time to make it but if you appreciate all this time effort and energy and you like how I made the baldy characters and the baldy school to make sure to leave a like before you go especially if you’d like me to do a lot more of these one or.

Two off episode series where I try to recreate our favourite games in The Sims 4 comment below if you have any.