Celebrity Facts Ep2

You to celebrities facts on Wow Africa TV I’m your host lady tlid today in the studio we have a guest miss Vanessa I can’t get let me just give you a little background miss I can is the former Miss Commonwealth Nigeria she competed in representing Nigeria in this earth beauty pageant in on Molina 13 yes how was that.

She also served as the ambassador of the Royal comb-over Society in London miss keikain has a bachelors in a master degree as a master degree holder with of in her very own adventurous lifestyle.

She decided to turn that into a career right um how did you get started okay I started out because I used to be model in Nigeria and then for me I was.

Just see I just walked into it’s someone no friend of mine bought the.

Forms for me and she just felt like I think we should go to school oh that’s.

Really nice so I was reading your bio and you know you’re trying me and your Ventura’s laughs at that time you really started in these Nigeria international so what be aside from that what was the mean like what was the.

Idea what ready click they really wanted to do it or push you to do it today let me see I’m coming from a pregnant background I’m having been excitable to myself I’ve always wanted to create a platform that will give no Africa not just major arts becomes a platform.

To be able to compete in a competition like this and also experience what I explained because I see pageantry not just about beauty but I see.

That creates an opportunity for you to get involved in your community so I’ve been nursing the ambition but I just never had the time to study so I felt like this was the right time one of the things that I like about when I was reading your bio is you push education education is one of the things so when you’re looking at the lady’s profile.

That I come into contest in what are some of your requirement for like education like where’s the education level and I snuck that okay so one of our primary requirement is from the minimum qualification educational wise to have graduated high school oh yeah because that is for us is the very basic nutritional requirements and then.

Once you graduated high school you could either be in college college bound or college so so but there are pockets out there so how many well how.

Many contestants are is just mini okay well initially we wanted much more for this first edition.

We only have 15 contestants we have.

Two coming in from California 1.
8 Louis Missouri Oh sue actually coming from Nigeria and the other 10 are coming from the.

Twin cities area but we have three we had to drop like because we discovered and if I know your price number they’ll be there next me oh yeah so how much planning is involved me.

Like pageant because I wouldn’t get to see the glamorous side of it I don’t even know what to say but it’s two very.

Demanding he’s almost like a plan in multiple weddings it’s very detailed there’s a lot of sleepless night is a lot of you know particular things you have to pay attention to a lot of sales going on a lot of interaction marketing you have to know how to understand.

How to relate with people you know you have to know the power of negotiation you have to be ready to go out there we all if you don’t give it everything you.

Won’t get anything in return which is very interesting because I read your introvert so how do with that yeah you really.

Got to be like extrovert oh yeah I mean I know I am I am an introvert but I get more comfortable whenever when I get closer to people so and I’m surrounded with amazing talents for example right here and this to do I’m in fantasy have good sales and marketing director she’s Cameroonian was like my sister watching her like talk he’s just amazing that I learned a lot of talking skills from her people skills from.

Her we have a clear oppressing Missy and Minnesota I have a project manager she used to be a minister.

She’s Houston Bay so have a lot of amazing people around me I have an events pristine you know so.

Good team is very strong so like I wouldn’t have minded I’m more like I’m the first name who does the creative things.
I can do like I just I’m that person behind but these women are from so you.

Believe that manager international would give divorce to other women can you explain that in more depth about that okay well at this platform many people they have to say miss from session about beautification what they think you differently think of bikini you know before all this platform is much more beyond this so that’s why our slogan is empowering women for.

Excellence empowering women beyond beat and being beautiful so the one of projects no education won’t help women to still focus on your career path also on the projects a lot of creativity I want to get people very involved in community and service as well so those are the three you know key components of three arms component of this project so people to help women attain those three areas you know.

In very so what happens is one contest thing is strong in one area.

And kind of lacking in the other how do you guys weighed that out well that’s why we have rehearsals we come grooming session like every Friday we were has at any fitness in movement path so there’s a rehearsal that goes on at the dance studio every Friday so we encourage people so it’s a learning process you can’t be good at.

Everything but it has to be some kind of all-round intensity we have to have someone who is eloquent some Omaha whose behavior is very common composed someone like put in front of the press and she’s ready to talk it has a lot of wisdom and intelligent someone that’s also you know very personable very charitable and all around you will find our concepts and I tell you buddy these girls are I don’t know how they’re going to PD cream.

But it girls are really alright yeah I don’t know wait to see that yeah I can’t wait the whole step miss Africa use it and it’s just crazy your nominal this was done with me so I’m excited to see that so another question is what.

Is the weight limit you know because with the all the skinny girls you know we take my downs in your life worth the.

Words was the weight limit I never talk about that person instead so but to be very fair we do not have a weight limit but we do encourage people to be healthy and there are certain part of the body we and we demand has been it’s like I personally I feel like beauty is.

More physical beauty is more seen when the stomach is flat and it hopes are in place so we have people of various sizes but trust me you have a lot of pronounced curves and they may not all be the same.

Sizes but one thing that you.

Find common among all of them the Thomas was so what is your favorite category my favorite category I’ll say the talent competition because that’s where you see them outside of your skin you look at someone she’s so calm but by the time she calls.

The microphone she’s singing.

Nineteen you you see someone she’s so different or back when she begins to ask and it’s already played a musical instrument and I have someone playing the clarinet and have someone playing the role of an actress I have.

Someone singing I have someone who’s between the jujitsu and you humble there are so divers like they’re so talented.

So the talents how many categories do you have man okay so we have like the string we’re not the traditional swimwear we converted it so more like a tennis where mom cover because we did not want.

To like expose the women just let us know what everything so how the stream will basically resume where we have the talent competition we have the traditional unhappy evening so the tradition will be like you area country because you’re all represented in freddy states in my Nigerian Hofstede of six states so every one of those.

Oh oh I can’t wait that’s very exciting very very exciting I’ve seen miss Nigeria green and it was Oh beautiful oh I cannot wait I think that’s my favorite coming back to education you believe that education is the way we need to be treated fairly right so what would you say to females that are not educated or don’t have the means to get education advice would you give them well what I would tell them is don’t give up your education on I would say is power when you have.

Education were empowered to become that which you used to be so every single one of us I will tell them every single one of them was born with a definite purpose as mantras for Gibson we still need a power of Education to be able to develop that talent and.

So you know where is dad yeah what is one thing you want the audience out there to know about this to learn not.

Just about Nigeria but to learn about African culture is going to be so much diversity.

So much cultural makes so much Russian music you know like a lot of people are coming from different kinds of Africa Buki no Faso Burundi Jamaica just needed like it’s gonna.

Be like a culture of meltdown given to white people is true burn burn cra-z Covina like it’s gonna be a cultural mix so.

Red carpet started 6:30 and then like are you happy in.

Performing you don’t have any artists performing but we do have other performances like you have a belly dance song we have a magic show we have a coca leaves have instrumentalities and we have some traditional dance as well yeah but we don’t have a like an artist prestige it was already shot though we don’t so do you see.