Celebrity Facts Ep2

This pageants they even soda or are you guys eventually you couldn’t maybe do like every year different state or maybe take it to Nigeria one year.

What is the vision for this so I am thinking for the first few years and we have to stay in Minnesota just because we want to gain ground here and you know like recognized I identify with the people on how to stability and then for the future I see us moving across the states and even going being the u.

For the first three years of four years.

We have to stay here just to establish and administer that I didn’t it’s.

Ham who come will be in Vegas hosted in Vegas my person Atlanta but before you do that.

You have to make sure that people can recognize that identity world in the job maybe we didn’t travel that is so true so before we wrap up.

Is there any shadows you want to give out any announcements yeah definitely I wanted even big shout out so the amazing theme that we have to seal some marketing director she’s Demetria and well hi Dmitry I only give.

A big shout out to Leia and Alanna yeah she’s of Peru hi Leah and.

Then also to Miriam and a beige is an event connoisseur and also to the park managers world schism ie oh Allah Allah Allah so these are really amazing people that I know I wouldn’t.

Have gotten there without there so I do appreciate all of your effort and to all the wonderful contestants um I can see what you do on wait hold on I’m here all the female means do you have any gentlemen female we’re not we’re not on time yeah so um what are you social media handles like any contestant from next year or catching this year want to yeah sweet and find us on Facebook our social media is a mismatch your international same thing for Instagram miss.

That you’re international and we’re gonna go on snapchat for the first time I won’t be there yet and also on Twitter we also as Miss Nigerian national so you can find us Oh Diego website.

Oh and our website w-w-w that miss phaedra international calm hey be free too busy proposal message email for number six.

Five one five zero two six feet 78 there.

You go you have the right here on celebrities fact make sure if you’re eighteen years in order your graduated from high school that’s gonna be your email in your interest.

You have natural natural born natural born female would love to see you naked here oh please feel free.

To come over this year october october 7 come over let’s all have fun and watch this show okay so this is a girl lady tlme think you sold my team is likely waiting oh it was a pleasure see you guys later and take.

Care make sure check us out on every social media sites my money my body now Yoga is a real battle if I tell you say I love you all my money my body now you’re all poor baby.